Tompkins Steps Down as City Public Works Director

Press Tompkins, director of public works for the city of Greenville, was fired from his position last week.

City manager Summer Spurlock did not give a reason for Tompkin’s January 20 departure on Monday, saying the city does not comment on staffing issues.

Tompkins, who took over from the city in 2019, also declined to comment.

Tompkins has been directly involved in a number of major public works projects for the city, including the implementation of the $50 million Greenville Street Improvement Project, the planned construction of a new wet water pipeline from Lake Tawakoni to Greenville, and the planned expansion of the city’s water treatment facility. .

Tompkins also oversaw the department’s day-to-day activities, including utility expansion for new developments, repair and maintenance of the city’s water system, and street maintenance, including pothole repair.

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