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Trina Mahachek: Start and stop whining


“Whimper” is a bit of an old word that I sometimes use. Sniffling is a type of crying, but not with all the connotations that accompany crying. Crying envelops too many feelings from sadness to stopped anecdotes and crying with laughter. Sniffling, on the other hand, means, according to the dictionary, “weeping and sniffling in a weak or irritable manner.” My definition is that a whimper is a nervous laugh. Often makes you feel so stupid for making you cry.

Reason for whimpering this week? In fact, this could happen in any season, but. Yes, a whining “but”. It’s winter now, and in recent days there’s been whimpering here. Now this is quite funny. This is also a good reflection of the difference between sobs and sobs. That snotty laugh is the best pressure relief valve I know. So to be able to laugh at the holiday of snot is the best result of millions of life’s stumbling and falling. I’ve whimpered and cried and laughed this week, and now? I have another memory of friends and neighbors.

I got up the other day in the morning and went about my business. Feeding and snow removal. Muttering under his breath about top dressing and snow removal in winter. Then, back home, I made a cup of what I call my Trina elixir. Vanilla coffee mix, caramel and caramel cream are mixed with the hottest water to form a frothy surface. Yum. In the winter, I like to keep my old Pyrex glass coffee pot full of water on the stove, heated and ready. I came grumbling to mix my reward and the water wasn’t hot-hot-hot. It was only Mississippi swamp water, warm in summer. I thought I set the stove too low. To warm up my cup, I put it in the microwave. Hmm, the microwave sounds pretty funny. As if it was cold and it was difficult to accelerate. Yes, like me, when I was feeding, digging and grumbling. Then my TV turned itself off. The microwave chimed, five bells were due, and the coffee didn’t get hotter. I rebooted the TV and it didn’t turn on, so I, like all of us girls, unplugged it and plugged it back in. Miracles, he turned on again. For about 5 minutes and then it went dark again.

I sat at my dinner table, drinking my warm swamp water coffee, staring at the black screen TV. I appreciated the stove, microwave, TV. I remembered that I used to curl my bangs in the bathroom. My curling iron didn’t seem to get hot. I thought I just didn’t spend enough time on it. I remembered hearing my printer’s battery beep earlier. It was as if Tilly, my house ghost who flirts with me from time to time, was trying to get my attention. Yes, I have a house ghost and her name is Tilly. She followed me home from a business I sold in the city about ten years ago. Anyway.

Rats, there’s something wrong with the electricity in my house. The power has not been disabled. It just didn’t do it all. I’ve been living here in rural Nevada for a few years now and I have brains, so I discussed it with myself, and although I didn’t want to admit it, I knew right away what the problem was. I lost a “leg” of electricity in my house. I was supposed to get 220 volts or 110 volts, but everything worked “at half speed”. There was definitely something wrong. Then you know what I did? Yes, I whimpered. He didn’t cry, he just whimpered. Oh, the crying will come later, just not yet.

I looked at the power pylon ahead because it’s my first line of defense. Everything looked fine there. I saw it when it wasn’t very good on the pole, so I know the difference! Then came something very difficult for me. Something I really consider my very last line, I called my friends for help.

I am so blessed with a great circle around me. Friends. Snot of life. Thanks Linford, Levon and Tony Miller. In the cold winter they came to my aid. Searching for a new HUGE fuse in my store came up with nothing. They then tracked one of them to the valley, bringing my whimpering self back to normal. Then I cried.

I hope that I am half the friend that my circle of friends is for me. I chose wisely.

Trina lives in Eureka, Nevada. Her funny books are available wherever you buy books, or email her at [email protected] to buy signed copies.


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