TSA finds huge anti-tank gun in Texas airport passenger’s luggage

On Monday, airport security officials found a powerful 84mm tank-destroying weapon in a Texas passenger’s luggage, the Dallas Morning News reported.

According to tweet from the Southwestern Division of the Transportation Security Administration, San Antonio International Airport officials found a weapon hidden in a departing passenger’s checked-in luggage. The unit initially stated that the item was not declared by the passenger, although a further update clarified that the firearm was claimed, but his presence was not reported to TSA agents after his announcement.

San Antonio police spokeswoman Jennifer Rodriguez told the Dallas Morning News that the passenger was on his way to a gun show in Las Vegas to show off a large-caliber tank destroyer.

According to the Morning News, the passenger provided documents confirming that the rifle had been “demilitarized”. The TSA explosives specialist also confirmed that the gun would not fire. However, the TSA chief decided that firearms would not be allowed on board the aircraft, and the passenger’s family took the weapons, according to Morning News.

This shoulder-fired weapon is called the Carl-Gustaf M4 recoilless rifle. According to the Swedish military defense company (and former car manufacturer) Saab, it is designed to overcome large obstacles, shoot enemies in buildings and blow up tanks.

The seizure follows a record year for gun seizures at U.S. airports, with two Texas airports topping the list for most firearms seized. In 2022, officers seized more than 6,400 weapons from airport passengers, more than in any previous year, according to the TSA. According to the agency, 88% of the confiscated weapons were loaded. Houston George W. Bush International Airport and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport were among the top three tourist destinations for gun seizures in a year.

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