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TSA found anti-tank weapons in checked baggage at San Antonio Airport.

Some weapons can be carried in checked baggage under TSA regulations, but the owner must declare the weapon to the airline prior to flight.

SAN ANTONIO — Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at San Antonio International Airport on Monday confiscated what appeared to be an anti-tank rifle.

TSA spokeswoman Patricia Mancha said officers found an item resembling an 84mm Carl Gustav recoilless rifle in checked baggage.

The owner of the suitcase did not inform the airline of the presence of firearms, prompting TSA agents to confiscate the suitcase.

“Thank God we don’t often see weapons of this caliber,” Mancha said.

The Carl Gustav rifle is one of the most portable anti-tank weapons. Swedish manufacturers released the first model in 1946.

In Texas, it is legal to own anti-tank guns if the owner registers the explosive weapon with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and passes a thorough background check. Americans may also fly with such weapons as long as they comply with TSA’s firearms regulations.

Weapons may be transported in checked baggage if they are unloaded, stored in a hard container, and if the owner has declared the weapon to be on their airline.

“It’s really worrisome for those who want to travel with such weapons not to follow the rules,” Mancha said. “It is not difficult. It’s not a secret”.

But two weapons experts told KENS 5 that the confiscated luggage could contain a replica Carl Gustav rifle or an inert shotgun.

Pilots may place a replica weapon in their checked baggage without claiming it, but they may not fly with items resembling explosives. Mancha couldn’t tell if it was possible to fly with the fake Carl Gustav.

However, she said the owner of the suitcase should have reported the item to TSA or the airline before checking the suitcase.

Mancha said the San Antonio authorities are looking into the matter. San Antonio Police Department officials said Tuesday morning that although no charges were filed and the weapon was “demilitarized” and could not be fired, it was handed over to a passenger’s relative after the Transportation Security Administration did not allow it to be taken. on Board.

On Tuesday, the nation’s largest gun show begins in Las Vegas. SAPD was able to confirm that the passenger was heading there.

Here’s more about TSA’s firearms regulations.


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