Turkey Leg Hut responds to lawsuit saying it owes nearly $1.2 million to food distributor

US Foods said it has been doing business with the popular Houston restaurant since September 2020, but the owners owe them a lot of money.

HOUSTON — The national food distributor has a bone to pick Houston turkey leg hut.

U.S. Food Inc. filed a lawsuit alleging that the popular restaurant owes nearly $1.3 million in groceries and other groceries.

The Delaware-based company is one of the nation’s leading food distributors, supplying restaurants and other establishments across the country.

According to the lawsuit, US Foods began shipping products to Turkey Leg Hut in September 2020.

According to the lawsuit, as part of its agreement, Turkey Leg Hut agreed to abide by the terms of the customer’s application, invoices and other charges. The restaurant also agreed to pay interest of 1.5% per month on any late payments and to pay attorneys’ fees on bill enforcement.

According to the December 1 lawsuit, Turkey Leg Hut originally owed $85,106.17, but including interest and attorneys’ fees, the total at the time the lawsuit was filed is $1,288,583.12.

We reached out to the Turkey Leg Hut owners for comment and received the following statement.

“Turkey Leg Hut was not aware of the upcoming lawsuit until we were contacted by the media on Thursday afternoon,” owner Nakia Price said. “From what we see, it does not add up and we cannot comment further on the upcoming trial. Mathematics is not mathematics.”

The clients we spoke to on Friday didn’t seem overly concerned about the allegations.

“I hope that whatever these claims are, they are not true or there is a reason for this, I mean that at the end of the day the economy affects everyone,” said Christina Harris of San Antonio.

“The thing is, we all make mistakes, we all have problems. He is a key element of society,” said another buyer.

US Foods declined to comment on the ongoing lawsuit.

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