Typewriter Rodeo: All the Holidays, All at Once

This is the season for a trip to any retail store to make you feel very confused by the actual date on the calendar. Is it time to buy eggnog? What happened to that bag of Halloween candy I saw here last week? Those – little Santas? This inspired me to write a typewriter poem about the rodeo.

All holidays, all at once

This year,
I embrace the holiday season
In all its non-stop glory

Rejection of any space between festivities
and just put it all in

More fun
more jingle
more joy
more shine

I wear pumpkin pie sweaters
and firework hats

let my boss know
that I will go on winter holidays

From Halloween to New Years
(with a few days for
post-holiday recovery)

And mostly I’m celebrating
and say yes
all this
elven season

Hi all!

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