Universal City Police Launch Drone Pilot Program as New Tool to Fight Crime

Universal City — The Universal City Police have launched a new pilot program to fight crime from the sky.

UCPD officer Nicholas Guerrero became the agency’s first drone pilot. He flies them as his own hobby, but staffing this investigative tool for his department is a job he takes very seriously.

“It’s a very rigorous process, a very, very difficult course that I’ve ever come across in my law enforcement career,” he explains of the pilot class.

The pilot program has been running for months now, and he has already helped locate the man and provided aerial intelligence to another agency during the chase.

The UCPD is counting on air support from other agencies, but having a drone to deploy quickly for smaller cases is handy.

Guerrero says the goal is to teach other officers how to fly.

“We could have a real drone team and we could start helping various agencies that don’t have a drone program. Or maybe we could help set the standard for other agencies as well,” he said.

Guerrero says there are problems. Their proximity to Joint Base San Antonio-Randolph means there are extra precautions and constant communication with authorities when he is flying the drone.

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