US Customs and Border Protection seized 877 pounds of cocaine on the San Juan-Santo Domingo ferry.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (KWTX) – US Customs and Border Protection officers recently seized 877 pounds of cocaine hidden aboard the San Juan Santo Domingo ferry arriving at the Pan American Dock.

On December 26, during a scheduled inspection of the cargo inside the m/v Kidon, CBP employees noticed anomalies in the cargo platform carrying metal rods. CBP officers removed a plank covering the floor of the loading platform and found several rectangular brick-shaped bundles covered in plastic.

According to CBP, 355 packages were removed from the loading platform. Field trials have shown the positive properties of cocaine. The estimated value of the seized cocaine is $9.1 million.

The Internal Investigation Service took the contraband for investigation.

“Our experienced CBP officers remain vigilant, using their training and available tools to prevent dangerous drugs from entering the country,” said Roberto Vaquero, director of field operations in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

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