UTSA follows UT in banning access to TikTok on campus networks

On Wednesday, January 18, messages appeared that the University of Texas at San Antonio has followed the University of Texas at Austin in further restricting access to TikTok. UTSA has already banned the use of TikTok on university-issued devices, but an email sent to students said the institution has also restricted access to TikTok on university networks.

“In accordance with the directive, no user can anymore access TikTok over any UTSA network, wired or wireless,” reads a screenshot of an email sent to students, shared on Twitter by News 4 reporter Jordan Elder.

MySA has reached out to UTSA for comment on the blocking of TikTok. On Tuesday, January 17, reports surfaced that UT-Austin had also blocked access to the video-sharing app on its Wi-Fi and wired networks in response to Abbott’s directive. The University of North Texas at Denton has also blocked TikTok on its networks.

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