Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts 2023: Shop the Best Jewelry for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

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Jewelry gifts are one of the most expensive things you can buy for your loved ones, but they are also one of the most memorable. Every time your spouse, parent, child, or friend wears a ring, necklace, or bracelet, they will have no choice but to remember the beautiful person who bought it for them (spoilers: you).

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Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest holidays associated with the gift of jewelry. There are many great proposals to celebrate the holiday, synonymous with romance. Browse below for the best Valentine’s Day jewelry gifts from popular retailers like Blue Nile, GLDN and Mejuri.

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Jewelry gifts for her

If you’re looking for the best jewelry gifts for women, take a look at our Valentine’s Day selections below, from personalized necklaces to engagement rings.

1. Blue Nile Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Blue Nile Diamond Tennis Bracelet

What goes better with Valentine’s Day and a happy marriage than a diamond tennis bracelet? The Blue Nile inspired design is made from jagged gemstones that easily fit almost any wrist. It is crafted from 14k white gold and one of five gems so you can choose the one your wife likes the most.

$4700+ in Blue Nile

2. Brilliant diamond earth halo pendant

Valentine's Day Jewelry Gift Buying Guide 2023: Earth Diamond Halo Pendant

Nothing makes a woman smile more than receiving a diamond from her significant other. For a necklace your wife can wear every day, we love this Diamond Halo pendant for its large center diamond and elegant diamond accents. This versatile necklace can be adjusted from 16 to 18 inches to position it in the perfect spot. Even better, you can buy it in 18K white or 18K yellow gold, depending on her taste.

$1490 at Brilliant Earth

3. Pure Origin Deca Diamond Ring

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Clean Origin Diamond Ring

Rings are always on trend, especially if it’s a Deca diamond ring. This is a simple yet amazing way to show your wife how much she means to you. This ring is even made from recycled metal and includes 10 high purity stones. Choose from 14k white gold to platinum.

$1,150 at Clean Origin

4. Sterling Silver Blue Nile Sunburst Oval Stud Earrings

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Sterling Silver Blue Nile Sunburst Oval Stud Earrings

Not all decorations for special occasions have to break the bank. Blue Nile’s Oval Sunburst Stud Earrings in Sterling Silver are eye-catching and affordable. They are available in a variety of gemstone styles including amethyst, black onyx, blue topaz, garnet, peridot, and London blue topaz. These sterling silver earrings are designed to dazzle and make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

$195 in Blue Nile

5. Brilliant Earth Secret Garden engagement ring

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Brilliant Earth Secret Garden Engagement Ring

For the woman who appreciates all things earthly, this unconventional whimsical ring with beautiful diamond buds, metallic vines and a breathtaking center stone is sure to make her say yes! when you raise a big question. The Secret Garden engagement ring creates a sense of flow throughout the ring, beautiful and intriguing. You can also choose from four metal options: 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold, 14k rose gold and platinum.

$2,850 at Brilliant Earth

6. Blue Nile Petite Heart Bracelet

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Blue Nile Petite Heart Bracelet

Moms tend to rate gifts on a curve, advertising that it’s “the thought that matters.” This time, why not give her a gift that will blow her mind? The Petite Heart bracelet in 14k yellow, white and rose gold features a small polished heart on a thin lanyard that can be adjusted to fit any neck.

$275 in Blue Nile

7. GLDN Hannah Bracelet

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: GLDN Hannah Bracelet

If your mum is a big fashionista, this layered Hannah bracelet might be a hit with her. It comes in a variety of materials, such as the beautiful rose gold padding, which is a great choice if your mom dresses up every day. It also includes two chains that attach to a single clasp that can be adjusted one inch. What’s even better: this little bracelet goes with just about anything.

$71+ to GLDN

8. Oval medallion necklace GLDN

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: GLDN Oval Locket Necklace

The endless sterling silver material that is used makes this oval locket necklace the perfect gift for your timeless man. Inside this necklace, you can personalize an inscription (like the Roman numerals of the day you met) or an illustration (a commemorative photo of the two of you) that will put a smile on your best friend’s face. You can also choose between two different chain styles and several lengths, depending on the chain size and taste.

$100+ to GLDN

9. Trendy Blue Nile Diamond Ring

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Trendy Blue Nile Diamond Link Ring

If your special lady has a keen sense of style, she may fall in love with this trendy Diamond Link ring just as much as we do. From a leather jacket and jeans to a dress and heels, this super comfortable ring is neutral enough to go with any outfit, yet adds a little chic to it every day. It can be worn alone or paired with her other favorite rings.

$298 in Blue Nile

10. Mejuri Daily Hoops

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Mejuri Daily Hoops

We all have this favorite wardrobe item, whether it’s a pair of boots that are easy to put on or a simple t-shirt. Well, these Mejuri jewelry earrings are no different. If your best friend is looking for a pair of earrings that can be worn every day, then Daily Hoops is the perfect choice. They are handmade from vermel and have an eye-catching sheen that is sure to make your best friend stand out.

From $58 in Mejuri

11. GLDN Flora Necklace

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: GLDN Flora Necklace

If you want your significant other to truly feel special this holiday season, check out this hand-printed and illustrated Flora necklace. Choose between sterling silver and various types of gold, as well as various designs based on your loved one’s favorite flower or an ancestral flower such as rose, lily, daisy and more. You can even add a personalized tag to the back.

$58+ at GLDN

Jewelry gifts for him

Not every man is into street gear, tools and televisions. Although these are great gift ideas for men, well, and a little trinket. For the man in your life with a sense of style, buying a luxurious piece of jewelry may just be your ticket to Valentine’s Day.

12. Blue Nile Love Knot Cufflinks

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Blue Nile Love Knot Cufflinks

A good pair of cufflinks is the highlight of any showy suit. The Blue Nile Love Knot cufflinks stand apart from the usual basic offerings and symbolize the love you share. They are crafted from solid sterling silver and polished to a high sheen, making them ideal for formal and casual occasions.

$240 in Blue Nile

13. Macy’s 14K Gold Necklace

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Macy's 14k Gold Necklace

If your boyfriend loves flashy jewelry, then this 14k gold necklace is a great choice. A diamond-cut hollow rope will look beautiful on dad’s neckline when he is going to dinner. It’s also a generous 20 inches long and 3 millimeters thick.

$1406 at Macy’s

14. Nordstrom Classic Dream watch with leather strap

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Nordstrom Classic Dream Leather Watch

Does your boyfriend always need somewhere to be but doesn’t have the right watch? This inexpensive Swiss quartz watch with a vintage brown leather strap with a modern design is perfect for a dad who is always working. Featuring a leather strap with a large dial and Roman numerals printed to indicate the time, this Classic Dream watch makes a great gift.

$250 at Nordstrom

15. Macy’s men’s diamond ring

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Macy's Men's Diamond Ring

Some men have a simple style, while others live for a little luxury. If you want to surprise your fashionable husband this Christmas, check out the men’s diamond ring. This two-carat, round, ornate ring is adorned with scattered diamonds that cover its surface. It is also available in both yellow and white gold.

$4500 at Macy’s

16. Macy’s Diamond Stud Earrings

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Macy's Diamond Stud Earrings

These simple yet sophisticated diamond stud earrings are perfect if your husband has pierced ears. With their rounded shape and versatile design, they are easy to wear every day, wherever it goes. Depending on his taste, choose these studs in white, rose or yellow gold.

$700 at Macy’s

17. Tiffany anCT60 40mm watch

Valentine's Day Jewelry Buying Guide 2023: Tiffany and Co.  CT 40 mm

Rolex may be synonymous with premium wristwatches, but the 40mm Tiffany CT60 is just as luxurious for the price. This stainless steel watch features a Soleil blue dial with powder-style gold numerals and is water resistant to a depth of 100 meters. It is a classic finish for any outfit with a self-winding mechanical movement up to 42 hours. Think old fashioned, but in the best possible way.

$3,900 at Tiffany and Co.

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