Victory Baptist Church, about 75% restored, is due to reopen in February.

SALADO, TX (KWTX) – Victory Baptist Church in Salado is nearing completion after it was destroyed by a tornado in April.

First Cedar Baptist and Victory Baptist Church were two of the many buildings destroyed by this tornado.

“The auditorium is here, and the stage will be where these chairs are. It will come out there,” Victory Baptist pastor Billy Borho said, pointing to a new audience.

They are in the stage of the construction process where it is time to install the sound and HVAC systems, which they hope to complete in the coming weeks.

“Someone asked me about insurance and I said we don’t have any insurance. The guy next to me said you had the best insurance in the world. You have God. God’s insurance policy,” Borjo said.

Not knowing how to recover without insurance, as Pastor Borjo put it, God paved the way when there was no insurance.

“We received a check in the mail, which we did not know about the arrival, which almost covered all expenses. You have to give credit to God,” Borjo said.

With the help of the non-profit Our Smart Service, the foundation was laid in August and the walls erected in October.

“I know that many of these guys have strengthened my faith through their work,” Borjo said.

Despite the fact that the parishioners did not have a place to call their own, the parishioners never missed Sunday services.

Whether they borrowed shelter or met in a cramped dorm building on their territory.

“Before there was drywall or anything, people wanted a church here. I said, “Okay. If you want it outside, I would do it there. so we had several services at the church here,” Borjo said.

Now that 75% of the work is done, Pastor Borjo intends to officially open the doors in February.

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