Video: a man tried to kidnap a barista from Washington through the window of the entrance

Auburn, Washington “On Monday, a man was caught on camera trying to kidnap a barista through a driveway window in Washington.

A video released by the Auburn Police Department shows a man trying to use a zip tie to drag a girl through a driveway window.

According to police, the girl managed to fight off the man.

APD reports that the man has a unique tattoo on his left forearm that reads “Chevrolet”.

The incident took place during National Human Trafficking Prevention Month.

The Texas Department of Public Safety shared list of indicators of human trafficking along with additional resources.

“Traffickers are a major security threat to our communities and all we need to know is to stop the cycle,” said DPS Director Stephen McCraw. “Being vigilant and reporting to law enforcement what seems wrong, you can help someone in a situation where they can’t help themselves.”

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