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Washington State Catholic Leaders Oppose Constitutional Abortion Plan


The Washington State Catholic Conference officially opposes Governor Inslee’s attempt to codify or guarantee the right to abortion by amending the state constitution.

The Bishops issued an official statement on the matter.

The Council is made up of 5 Catholic Bishops of the State of Washington and they are strongly opposed to this plan.

The release acknowledges the role that Western Australian voters played in allowing the right to abortion, but they oppose the constitutional move because they say it would allow such procedures to be performed before the baby is born.

Part of their statement read as follows:

“The human person is not only sacred, but also social. The way we organize our society in economics, law and politics directly affects human dignity and the ability of people to grow in society. It is clearly stated that, as Catholics, we believe in the inviolable dignity of the human person from conception to natural death.”

The release also notes:

“Out of nearly 100,000 pregnancies in Washington in 2020, there were just over 16,000 abortions, according to the state Department of Health. We must act for the loss of these lives.

We call on Catholics and people of good will around the world to continue their efforts to participate in the political process to promote laws and policies that support life, liberty and justice for the common good. This is our Christian calling and responsibility.”

To read their entire application from their webpage, click here.

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