‘We have the right to know what happened’: Family asks for video of fatal shooting on Liberty Hill

The family of a 21-year-old Georgetown resident who was fatally shot by a Liberty Hill police officer last week has asked law enforcement to immediately release photos, videos and statements from the scene, according to a statement released Monday by their attorney.

“We have the right to know what happened last Wednesday,” Jackson Lieber’s death statement said. “Every day that goes by brings more anxiety and concern that important information is being deliberately withheld to keep us in the dark. If there is nothing to hide, then there is no reason to hide information from us.”

Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting and have not said why the officer shot Lieber, a Georgetown resident who was unarmed, according to official records. On Monday, they did not receive an immediate response to the family’s inquiry. The Rangers also did not release footage from body cameras or dashcams at the scene, despite a request for public information from an American statesman.

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Lieber was in a car accident and then went to a nearby Williamson County home on FM radio 1869 and got into an argument with some residents on Jan. 18, a Public Safety Department spokesman said. The Texas Rangers are a division of the DPS.

Authorities said Jackson Lieber, 21, died after being shot by a Liberty Hill police officer.

The police arrived after receiving a 911 call from residents, according to a DPS spokesman. Police said Liberty Hill Police Officer Esteban Gomez-Sanchez fatally shot Lieber outside his home and was placed on administrative leave.

Lieber’s family said in a statement Monday that knowing what happened at the scene will help them “digest, distress and find peace with our new reality.”

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