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JONESBOROW, Arkansas (KAIT) – We help you plan your day at Good Morning Region 8.

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Tuesday night will be a night of celebration or famine for snow lovers!

Along the ridge, most of the precipitation will fall as rain, but will end in light snow that can lead to dusting. There can be enough snow in the Ozarks and foothills to cause bumps when driving.

Winter storm warnings and winter weather reports have been issued for these areas. Look for anything that will melt on Wednesday.

Region 8 will experience dry weather for a few days, followed by rain again in the second half of the weekend. The rain will continue through next week.

Meteorologist Jace Passmore posted your morning driving forecast on Good Morning Region 8.


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Winter weather is approaching Region 8 during the day and preparations are already underway to keep the roads safe.

The rally, held at the Arkansas State Capitol, aimed to provide students with more educational opportunities.

Parents in Jonesboro are concerned they weren’t warned about an “accidental” shooting near a school.

The central non-profit organization in Arkansas is committed to giving every child a place to sleep, all at no cost to families.

Chase Gage will share the details of these stories and more at 6:00 am on Good Morning Region 8.


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