‘We’re just closing this chapter’: Celebrity carpenter discusses decision to shut down Waco Harp Design Co.

Waco, TX (KWTX) – Harp Design Co.’s staple furniture store this month. will close its doors in Waco. You may be familiar with the famous woodworker whose talent has been showcased for years on HGTV’s Fixer Upper and Magnolia Network’s Restoration Road.

KWTX sat down with Clint Harp, Masters Manager, and learned more about what influenced this decision.

The Harp family say it’s a bittersweet moment and that the journey brought them friends for life and an opportunity beyond their wildest dreams. But after more than a decade in the business, Clint says it’s time to close this chapter.

The journey began when Clint’s wife, Kelly, was accepted into Baylor’s graduate program. Then Clint decided that he would quit his job in sales and move from Houston, where the young couple had moved after completing their undergraduate studies at Baylor.

He was ready to follow his passion, which was to create beautiful pieces of furniture that people were proud of.

Barely a few months into their next chapter in Waco, Clint timed it perfectly and ran into Chip Gaines. Clint says it was like lightning in a bottle.

A friendship was struck up there and a notable career began.

“I wrote to Chip and Joe the other day about how grateful I am for the role they have played, especially at Harp Design Co.,” says Clint.

Since they opened their doors, the Harp family’s ambitions have only grown. In addition to a furniture store, they run Air BNB, a rental home, a labor-intensive show filmed year-round on the Magnolia chain, and are the parents of three children.

“You know, sometimes you just sort of find your limits, and I think we found our limit,” Clint explains.

He says it was far from an easy decision, but he knew the time had come.

“It’s good, in the end it’s good, but difficult. I will miss a lot of people, the people who work here are amazing, and every time I see one of these tables, I think of the hands, because they were the ones who assembled this furniture day in and day out.” Clint says.

What’s next? Clint says he already has a lot on his plate, but he can’t wait to try something new and see what happens.

“We are by no means finished, we are just closing this chapter on Harp Design Co. which has been an incredible chapter of our lives and there are so many wonderful people I have worked with and so many wonderful things. what we were able to do and create. I can say that ideas are coming, and the juices are flowing again, and it’s very interesting to see what can happen,” Clint said with an optimistic smile.

Before they close their doors, they’re having a sale on just about everything they need in their warehouse at 1316 Franklin Ave. next Thursday-Saturday 9am to 5pm. There is no Harp Design Co. brand on the building, but if you see a sign that says “Four Star MFG Co.” then you’re in the right place. The church across the street will be available for parking.

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