What do we know about the disappearance of Kayla Kelly

A week after Kayla Kelly’s friends reported her missing, authorities on Wednesday announced a grim update to their search for the Collin County woman: the discovery of a female body in Grande Prairie, less than half a mile from the man’s home. accused of kidnapping Kelly.

While the body has not been identified by authorities, signs indicate it is linked to Kelly’s disappearance. Collin County investigators were among those who found the body in Tarrant County, outside of their jurisdiction. And in a Facebook post announcing the reopening, the Collin County Sheriff’s Office posted a photo of Kelly.

Authorities find woman’s body near home of man accused of kidnapping in Collin County

Here is the timeline of Kelly’s disappearance and the arrest of Okastor Ferguson, who is charged with kidnapping:

4 January: According to court documents, Ferguson’s wife received a text message from someone she didn’t know saying “they needed to tell her something.”

Ferguson’s wife never made contact with the unidentified person, but told detectives she believed it was a woman “based on the language used in the text message.”

Authorities did not further describe the content of the text message.

January 8: Authorities believe Kelly went missing between that date and January 10.

Affidavit reveals new details of disappearance of Collin County woman

January 10: According to court documents, this is the last time Kelly used the phone and her car could be located.

In the early hours of the morning, just before 2:00 a.m., Kelly’s car was driving north on the Dallas Northern Tollway to Frisco.

Sometime in the afternoon, Kelly’s phone returned to Dallas. According to an analysis of the phone by Collin County investigators, Kelly’s phone was last used just before 7 p.m. near Ferguson’s place of work.

January 11: Just before 5 p.m., the Collin County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a concerned colleague or member of the Kelly family. Kelly’s aunt and colleagues told investigators that nothing was heard from her for several days.

Kelly’s friends told investigators that she had a boyfriend named Kevin, who she recently discovered was married. Her friends told investigators that Kelly was going to blackmail him. According to court documents, Kelly’s friends turned her down, saying they didn’t want to hear about her dating a married man.

January 12: The Frisco Police Department found Kelly’s car “burnt beyond recognition” on a rural road.

Investigators also searched the Kelly duplex in Collin County. They found her dog, which Kelly’s friends say she treated like her own child, with no food or water and animal feces on the floor of the apartment. Kelly’s friends said she would never leave an animal unattended for a few days.

Kelly’s phone records also showed that she was talking to a man named Oscar Ferguson. Ferguson’s car was found in the parking lot of the Kelly duplex. While searching the car, investigators found gloves, duct tape and a blanket.

13th of January: Investigators interrogate Ferguson at his workplace. Ferguson admitted he knew Kelly and had an affair with her, and told investigators that he told her his name was Kevin so she wouldn’t find out his real identity.

According to Ferguson, they started talking last summer. But recently, Kelly found out his real identity and threatened to tell Ferguson’s wife about their relationship.

He told investigators that he last saw Kelly around January 10.

Man arrested on kidnapping charges after woman disappears in Collin County

January 14: Investigators get an analysis of Ferguson’s cell phone. This showed that it traveled the same path as Kelly’s phone on January 10 and was close to where Kelly’s burnt car was found. Ferguson denied knowledge of Kelly’s whereabouts.

Ferguson was arrested on kidnapping charges and imprisoned in the Collin County Jail.

January 18: The body of a woman is found in a field of Grande Prairie, not far from Ferguson’s home.

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