What you need to know about the location of Universal Studios in Frisco

If you travel to Frisco to check out Universal Studio’s new Frisco location, you’ll find several houses, an unfinished road, and a large piece of land.

Overlooking the location overlooks 97 acres of open space and grass fields, it’s more like farmland waiting to be settled by cows or horses. But the area will soon be filled with visitors to Frisco’s newest top attraction.

If you drive through Preston, pass UNT Frisco and turn onto Panther Creek Pkwee, the road will eventually lead you to what should be the new Universal theme park. Now most of Panther Road is still a small dirt country road that ends in a dead end in front of the railroad tracks. On the other hand, going down the Dallas North Tollway, Panther Creek Pkwy ends in a dead end right at the entrance to the area on the right. The boulevard will eventually be paved and connected to Frisco Street. The country road will disappear.

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The new location is sandwiched between two developments, Fields West and East Village, with Point West at the top. The area is currently undeveloped and is waiting for a new business to take its place.

Many are still wondering why Frisco wanted to bring in Universal Studios, and the answer is tourism.

First Roughrider Stadium, then Dallas Stars headquarters, Dallas Cowboys World headquarters, and training facility at The Star. Most recently, the PGA selected the city to host its new headquarters and OMNI PGA Frisco Resort.

“Frisco is one of the fastest growing cities in the US and has been recognized as a great place to establish professional roots and raise a family,” Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney said in a statement. “This new Universal concept will continue to expand our tax base, increase employment opportunities, and bring even more fun to Frisco while benefiting our residents, businesses, and visitors.”

But the decision to approve the theme park project rests with the Frisco City Council. It has not yet been announced when the council will vote.

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