What you need to know if you are called to court in 2023

SAN ANTONIO – In 2023, the Courthouse and Justice Center is seeing an increase in first-week jurors again, but the flu and COVID-19 still raise concerns about whether jurors will show up.

“We are concerned, but we still meet the requirements for a full panel,” said Central Jury Chief Bailiff Julieta Schultz.

Approximately 500 jurors are required each week, as the court will need between 35 and 75 jurors to form a bench.

“If they don’t come, there will be no trial by jury in the courts, and if you don’t have a trial, then justice will not be served,” Schultz said.

As a reminder, the process for summoning a jury is slightly different as the pandemic forced it to change.

Once you receive the summons in the mail, you must register online. Please read these subpoenas carefully because you will likely have to report this through Zoom first and not the Central Jury Room.

Zoom will then tell you if you need to go straight to the courtroom another day.

This process prevents hundreds of people from accessing the same room at the same time.

If you miss a jury, you could be fined or in contempt of court, but Schultz said that never happened and it’s best to contact her office.

“We’re not going to send someone looking for you. Give us a call and we’ll put you on hold,” Schultz said.

To learn more about jury duty, visit the jury services page on the county website or call Central Jury Hall call 210-335-2667.

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