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Who voted for Kevin McCarthy?

WASHINGTON – On the fourth day of deadlock over the speaker of the US House of Representatives, three Texans — and 11 others — switched their votes on the 12th ballot to support Republican leader Kevin McCarthy, a sign of progress in negotiations but still not enough to win a Republican in California. speakership.

There was an additional vote on Friday afternoon and McCarthy supporters worked to throw more votes, with another member on the 13th ballot.

The breakthrough came after three days and 11 ballots in which the Texas Republicans, Michael Cloud of Victoria, Chip Roy of Austin and Keith Self of Plano, refused to endorse their party leader. They pushed for changes to the rules of the House of Representatives that would give the most conservative members more influence over the course of legislation.

“We’re making progress – McCarthy,” Self said when it was his turn to vote.

The seven Republican dissenters still voted against the Republican leader, instead voting for either Jim Jordan of Ohio or Kevin Hearn of Oklahoma.

All of the Republicans who voted for McCarthy for the first time had previously supported a variety of elected Congressmen for Speaker, including Jordan, Hearn and Byron Donalds of Florida, with the exception of Victoria Spartz of Indiana, who was present at the vote.

“We have to be able to continue believing that we can deliver what we agreed on within the framework,” Roy told reporters after he changed his voice. “And so our message to Speaker-elect McCarthy is that this structure serves as a template for how we’re going to hold him accountable.”

Here is a list of elected members who supported McCarthy on the 12th ballot:

  • Michael Cloud from Texas
  • Chip Roy from Texas
  • Keith Self from Texas
  • Dan Bishop from North Carolina
  • Andrew Clyde from Georgia
  • Byron Donalds of Florida
  • Paul Gosar from Arizona
  • Mary Miller from Illinois
  • Ralph Norman from South Carolina
  • Scott Perry from Pennsylvania
  • Victoria Spartz from Indiana
  • Josh Brechin of Oklahoma
  • Anna Paulina Luna from Florida
  • Andy Ogles from Tennessee

And here are those who changed course on the 13th vote:

Washington correspondents Joseph Morton and Rebecca Alvey contributed to this report.

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