With Hamlin in mind, Billy gets back to action with TD in the first game.

ORCHARD PARK, NEW YORK – The Buffalo Bills and their fans have several tributes planned security damar hamlin for the team game on Sunday – T-shirts No. 3, homemade T-shirts and even 10ft Get Well Card.

There was no script for what happened when Billy actually got back into action.

In their first game since Monday’s horrific scene, when Hamlin’s heart stopped during a game in Cincinnati, Bills returner Nyheim Hines ran the first kickoff for a 96-yard touchdown against the New England Patriots.

The emotional, uplifting appraisal was the highlight of a day of catharsis in Buffalo. AND weekly outpouring The support continued as the Bills returned to the field for the first time since Hamlin had to be resuscitated after a first-quarter tackle in Cincinnati. Since then, Hamlin has had what doctors call a remarkable recovery.

Although still in critical condition at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center as of Saturday, Hamlin’s neurological function was found to be excellent and he is fully breathing on his own and can also speak.

“Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Hamlin. tweeted after Hines landed. He also shared a photo of himself making a heart with his own hands. from your hospital bed shortly before the start of the match with the text “GAME TIME!!! @BuffaloBills.

Fans came to the Buffalo game ready to celebrate Hamlin’s recovery. Among them was sign shop owner Ryan Magnuson, who designed a 4-foot by 10-foot canvas card that he placed at the foot of the entrance to Bills Stadium for everyone to see and sign.

“It was very positive. I saw Bills fans, I saw Patriots fans and people wearing other NFL jerseys. I think it’s more than a team thing at the moment,” Magnuson said. This is for Damar.

Magnuson’s goal is to somehow send Hamlin his huge postcard.

Fans filled the front of the sign with wishes just three hours before kickoff, offering messages like “Stay Strong” and “Love.” Some wore jerseys #3, Hamlin’s number.

“Watched it live, it was sad to see it,” said Kyle Blaney, wearing a Patriots jersey. “But it’s nice to see everyone coming together to support him, not just Bill’s fans.”

An extended pre-game ceremony began with the Bills medical and athletic staff being introduced onto the field to a standing ovation. The Bills entered the stadium with numerous players carrying “Pray for Damar 3” flags. Fans were holding cardboard cutouts #3 and red hearts.

Former Bills running back LeSean McCoy led the pregame attack by asking fans to hold up three fingers while chanting “Let’s go Buffalo!”

NFL fans around the world have joined in supporting Hamlin this week, including many of those who have contributed. more than 8 million dollars to the Hamlin Chasing M’s Foundation. Sunday was an opportunity to pay homage to the last week of the NFL season together.

All the electronic signs surrounding the parking lots of the Highmark Stadium carried the message “Love for Damar 3”. Some fans have decorated their homes with Bills blues and reds in honor of Hamlin.

Players from both teams entered the warm-up field wearing Hamlin jerseys. Many Patriots players wore black sweatshirts with “Love for Damar” written on the front. Several Bills players have worn Hamlin t-shirts on the front and back.

The NFL pays tribute to the player in all of Week 18’s games that began on Saturday, including a pre-game cheer and No. 3 Hamlin’s drawing at the 30-yard line. The Bills will also wear “3” patches.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was also scheduled to attend the Bills game.

Fans celebrated Hamlin in Cincinnati, where the Bengals hosted Baltimore.

“It was so great that Damar is doing well,” said David Koning outside the Bengals Paycor stadium. We have seen his photographs. He has a smile. He wrote. So I think it’s a big relief for everyone. So hopefully we can get back to normal.”

In the huge parking lots around the Bills Stadium, numerous fans wore homemade Hamlin t-shirts and jerseys.

Sue Sonner wore the No. 3 jersey of former Bills quarterback E. J. Manuel, in which her husband covered the player’s name with Hamlin.

“It will be very emotional. I’ll be sure to bring some napkins with me,” Sonner of Corning, New York, who attended the game in Cincinnati, said.

“We could see running around, injuries, panic and all that. Very dark, very dark environment,” she said. “Now that he is progressing and we think he will be fine, now we are happy to play football again. And hopefully he’s on the road to recovery.”

Ken Johnson, nicknamed “Pinto Ron” and one of the Bills’ best-known quarterbacks, didn’t have anything special planned for Sunday, but said he expected many in attendance to spontaneously pay tribute to Hamlin.

“You never know if a bunch of people will get on top of a van and start making an emotional speech or something,” said Johnson, who hasn’t missed a Bills game at home or on the road since the start of the 1994 championship. season, except for games where fans were not allowed to attend due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“It just reinforces the legacy of the Bills Mafia,” Johnson said of the show of fan support.


AP Sports journalist Mitch Stacey of Cincinnati and AP freelance writers Laurie Chase and Jonah Bronstein of Orchard Park contributed.


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