“You won’t cut me out”: Lina Hidalgo blew up colleagues at a ceremony in the county

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo made brief remarks to her court colleagues during the swearing-in ceremony for elected county officials at the NRG Center on Monday, Jan. 2.

According to Jen Rice of the Houston Chronicle, Hidalgo gave a spontaneous 10-minute speech calling on Texas Lieutenant Gov. Dan Patrick, her fellow district leaders, and opponents of her 2022 re-election campaign.

“You won’t cut me out,” said Hidalgo. “You won’t beat me; you won’t tell me to sit down and shut up like Lieutenant Dan Patrick did.

Hidalgo mentioned the lieutenant in connection with an incident that occurred in February 2022 when Patrick confronted a judge for standing with other state and county leaders at the funeral of slain Harris County Deputy Corporal Charles Galloway. During the meeting, the lieutenant governor told Hidalgo to “sit down and shut up” and accused her of refusing to fund the police.

During her speech on Monday night, Hidalgo said she prefers to continue working with her colleagues on the Supreme Court.

“We have made huge positive changes and we have done it by working together,” said Hidalgo. “That’s why the last thing we can do right now is tear ourselves apart.”

Hidalgo’s remarks were an unplanned occurrence at the symbolic festivity of the night. No elected officials were to speak during the swearing-in ceremony, and Hidalgo’s scheduled speeches were expected to be delivered during a later reception with those in attendance. Hidalgo did not attend the reception, and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner showed up later Monday evening, citing the judge’s failure to appear. “If elected officials have their own private oaths, it is important to appear at public swearing-in ceremonies.”

Texas abortion rights advocate Olivia Julianna also spoke out about the controversial ceremony, saying she would like Democrats in Houston to work together.

“God stop the Democrat feuds in Houston,” she wrote. “You are all adults. Go sit in your room, work through your problems, and stop acting like we’re in high school theater class. You want to represent millions of people, toughen up, buttercup, and stop whining.”

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