Youth pastor and coach among 46 arrested in Texas in sex trafficking case

In Frisco, two hotels were used for a covert operation by the Department of Homeland Security. According to CBS News, undercover officers ran ads that merged with countless other ads found online. Men willing to pay for sex responded to the ads, arriving at hotels in Frisco and Southlake, where they were met by waiting police officers.

“We had a high school teacher who is also a football coach, we had a youth pastor,” said John Perez of Homeland Security Investigations. “We had a volunteer firefighter, director of operations for one of the largest medical systems here in the metroplex. We also had a semi-professional hockey player.”

Perez added that this special operation proves that human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation is ubiquitous. He said people have a “misunderstanding” that sex trafficking only occurs in certain parts of Dallas. However, Pérez said, “It’s not really like that. It’s all over the Metroplex.”

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