Yoyo’s Hotdog and Oh My Gogi food truck rentals in Rice Village will be discontinued, the owners said.

Both owners said the emails did not provide details on why their leases were being terminated.

HOUSTON. It could be weeks before Rice Village loses its popular hot dog stand and food truck.

Yoyo’s hot dog lease ends with the Oh My Gogi food truck next door.

Three nights a week for over a decade, Yoyo’s has been serving customers with unique flavors that customers say are worth the wait. But just last month, co-owner Kevin Dang said he received an email from property management saying his lease was about to be terminated.

“We were in total shock,” Dang said. “They just told us that they would have to terminate our lease within 30 days.”

Mitch Weikert, a longtime client, didn’t believe it when he heard the news.

“I am very sad,” he said. “I’m appalled at the thought of them kicking the Rice Village facility out of here.”

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The food truck owner Oh My Gogi received the same email.

“They didn’t really give us too many details,” Jervis Dooley said. “But they said they were just going in the other direction with what they needed here.”

Both family-run businesses have said they have named several places in Rice Village home.

“Firing us is a kind of destruction, you know, of another member of the family.” (add quote title)

The last day of canteens will be at the end of the month.

“We are very lucky to have been with Rice for the past 11 years. It just saddens us that we might have to leave, we hope we can work something out with Rice to let us stay.” (add quote title)

Customers who don’t want any of the food stalls to disappear have launched a petition.

“This place has been our home for so long. We couldn’t imagine anything else.” (add quote title)

Yoyo’s opens store in Heights. The owners are currently awaiting permit approval.

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