Judge Denies Marissa Alexander Request for New Trial Despite “Stand Your Ground” Defense

Judge Denies Marissa Alexander Request for New Trial Despite "Stand Your Ground" Defense

UPDATE 05/11/12: Marissa Alexander sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing gun in ceiling of Jacksonville FL home, sad day for domestic abuse victims everywhere.

JACKSONVILLE STAND YOUR GROUND: Setback for Marissa Alexander as Judge James Daniel denies her request for a new trial Thursday morning despite her “Stand Your Ground” defense against her abusive husband, Rico Gray. Marissa Danielle Alexander faces a 20-year mandatory sentence on her sentencing set for May 11. She was found guilty on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Judge Daniel is considering acquitting her on  one of the three charges as the result of the testimony of one of the Rico Gray’s son, who said he was not in fear of his life during the shooting, the Florida Times-Union reports. Supporters of #MarissaAlexander rally for her outside a Florida courthouse. Live: http://t.co/kJE5N7xX

Here is the reaction to the news on Twitter:

  • [quote]I’m not understanding how “Stand your ground” applies to #TrayvonMartin ‘s killer but not to #marissaalexander who was being abused.[/quote]

    My dear friend Janet:

    Do you agree that DESPITE the claims in the media and court of public opinion – George Zimmerman has NOT YET been judged based on his claim of “Self Defense” via “Stand Your Ground”?

    The next court proceeding for Mr Zimmerman is when the judge will hear the evidence and then rule if Stand Your Ground is admissible as a defense.  The judge will either toss the case or send it to trial.

    The charges against Marissa Alexander are reprehensible.  There is no way that she should face 20 years for this.

    At the same time people want to focus on the “Stand Your Ground” aspect of her case but are silent about the part that HARSH GUN LAWS are playing in this sentencing outcome.