Conservative Group, ‘Jews and Christians Together’ Sending Dump Romney Memo to RNC Delegates

dump romney conservative group Jews and Christians Together
Conservative Group, ‘Jews and Christians Together’ Sending Dump Romney Memo to RNC Delegates (Buzzfeed)

Dump Romney:  A group called “Jews and Christians Together” is sending a memo to Republican National Convention delegates urging them not to vote for Mitt Romney at the convention, even if they’re bound to him, Buzzfeed reports.

What if Mitt Romney is not inevitable at Tampa? What if his nomination makes four more years for President Obama all but inevitable? What if it’s true that, despite Obama’s governing ineptitude, the Republican frontrunner is already losing the Electoral College in a rout which threatens GOP Senate prospects in the overlapping swing states? And, what if that’s before all the ugly stuff really hits the fan?

Few Tampa delegates have had any disclosure on the racially-toxic texts to which Willard M. Romney is tied – and which he has yet to repudiate; same with the anti-Semitic writings. No disclosure, either, on Romney’s role as America’s Founding Father of Gay Marriage, the reason Obama could safely come out. Without a Tampa game-changer, we’ll soon see how it all ties in to Romney’s Big Problem, the core reason he can’t carry the toss-ups.

“Purple State” voters already get it that ObamaCare is simply coercive RomneyCare writ large – each a punitive tax program for nonetheless bankrupting new entitlements, each illustrating why neither author should be President. This fall, however, left-allied media will also be spinning our “No Apologies” social engineer, quite plausibly, as a liar and loony: For a catalog of troubling character issues, click The Romney Files or this Romney robo-audio; they’re examples of what millions of voters have already been receiving in battleground states like MI, WI, PA and OH – and partly why, despite a weak economy and incumbent, Romney’s already losing the Electoral College so badly.


And, it’s within the power of Tampa’s delegates to dump Romney. (See page 77). He can’t win. Or more precisely, after months of campaigning, at a time when the U.S. economy is at its lowest point in decades, and against one of the most inept Presidents in U.S. history, if Romney’s trailing as badly as he is now… the odds are very long he can close this fall.