Could Jon Huntsman Sr be the Source of Sen. Harry Reid Charge Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes for 10 Years?

Jon Huntsman Sr. friend of Sen. Harry Reid
Could Jon Huntsman Sr be the Source of Sen. Harry Reid Charge Romney Didn’t Pay Taxes for 10 Years (Attribution unknown)

Could Jon Huntsman Sr. be the source of Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-NV) charge that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years? The Daily Kos thinks so because Huntsman Sr. is business partners with Robert C. Gay, who was Bain Capital’s managing director between 1989 and 2004. In other words, who else would have the inside scoop on any fancy financial shenanigans that could have occurred? Harry Reid has said he got the information from a Bain investor, so we aren’t sure, but the Daily Kos could be onto something. You be the judge.

Jon Huntsman Sr. denies he is Harry Reid’s source on the claim Romney didn’t pay taxes for 10 years but he is calling on him to release his tax returns.

Jon Huntsman told the Washington Post that he was not the source of Harry Reid’s assertion, but would he really say he was? In any case, here’s an excerpt from the newspaper:

However, in a move that could be significant, Huntsman forcefully called on Romney to release his tax returns. This matters, because Huntsman is a longtime backer of Romney — he has long been close to Romney; he supported his early campaigns; he was the national finance chairman of Romney’s 2008 presidential campaign; and he has raised a lot of money for him over the years. (He backed his own son in the latest GOP primary.)

“I feel very badly that Mitt won’t release his taxes and won’t be fair with the American people,” Huntsman told me. In a reference to Romney’s father, who pioneered the release of returns as a presidential candidate, Huntsman said: “I loved George. He always said, pay your taxes for at least 10 or 12 years.” (See update below.)

“Mr. Romney ought to square with the American people and release his taxes like any other candidate,” Huntsman said. “I’ve supported Mitt all along. I wish him well. But I do think he should release his income taxes.”