Paul Ryan Claims He Dated a Black Woman at Miami University But Fraternity Brothers Never Saw Her

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Paul Ryan Claims He Dated a Black Woman at Miami University But Fraternity Brothers Never Saw Her (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Another Paul Ryan lie? Mitt Romney has all but given up on the black vote, though he claimed at the NAACP convention, when he was roundly booed, that he has black supporters (Ron Christie and J.C. Watts come to mind), but the biggest pill we are being forced to swallow is Paul Ryan claims he dated a black woman during his years at Miami University in Ohio. One problem, no one remembers this girl or even seeing them together. Sounds a lot like that relationship Strom Thurmond had with the black woman he kept secret for so long until their biracial daughter went public.

Are we going to see that black sister-in-law of Paul Ryan trotted out on the stage at the Republican convention next week? This is a desperate attempt to appeal to black voters. Sorry, I’m not snapping at this bait because of Paul Ryan’s stance on issues that affect the black and Latino communities. History has taught us that many slave-owners engaged in sexual relationships with their female slaves and during the Jim Crow era, that kind of thing happened as well. So, Paul Ryan having dated a black woman means nothing.

A tweet by CNN’s Peter Hamby sparked debate when he revealed that Ryan, 42, had told a Milwaukee Magazine that he’d once dated a black girl and had an ‘African American sister-in-law.’

In the 2005 interview in Ryan said: ‘I have a sister-in-law who is an African American. My college sweetheart was black.’

The journalist who did the original interview with Ryan, Erik Gunn, told Mail Online today: ‘I spoke to him some time ago, but I reported what he said at the time.’ Ryan’s communication Director Kevin Seifart, also confirmed to Mail Online that the comments made by Ryan about his then girlfriend were true.

Yet, among Ryan’s many friends and professors who knew him as a student at Miami University in Ohio in 1988, no one can seem to remember him stepping out with a black girl. Source

Two of Ryan’s Delta Tau Delta fraternity brothers Kent Taylor and Gatewood Atwood, can’t seem to remember that black woman either. Hey, soul sister, if you are out there, come forward and tell us your story. Either way, it won’t change the way the black community feels about Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Did  his Mom, Betty Ryan Douglas and his siblings know he dated a black girl? It’s not far-fetched, but judging from his voting record, it’s highly unlikely.

Peter Hamby’s tweet:

This black girl friend thing is only a distraction. Just today, Peter Hamby tweeted Mitt Romney won’t say which tax deductions he would cut. Um, he wouldn’t touch the ones he and his rich buddies benefited from the most:

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