Paul Ryan Doubles Down on Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan, While Parading Mother Betty Ryan Douglas On Stage at FL Event

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Paul Ryan Doubles Down on Romney-Ryan Medicare Plan, Which He Really Wants to End. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s bold veep pick, paraded his mother, Betty Ryan Douglas, on stage ahead of his speech at The Villages, the largest retirement community in the U.S., while doubling down on his much criticized plan to partially privatize Medicare. Um, his mother would be just fine, considering he and his siblings, have the financial means to take care of her. I am also pretty sure she has a nice nest egg. That’s more than many other seniors have. So, it’s pretty disingenuous to parade his mother across the stage at a pro-Romney event. Why not take her into the hardest hit areas in Florida? I’m sure he could find some blighted areas in Miami and Jacksonville.

Here are five myths Ryan told seniors as he sought to transform his unpopular Medicare plan into a political asset from Think Progress:

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