Mitt Romney’s Father, George Romney, Lived Off “Welfare Relief” as a Refugee from Mexico

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Mitt Romney’s Father, George Romney, Lived Off “Welfare Relief” as a Refugee from Mexico(Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Mitt Romney has conveniently forgotten to mention that his father was the recipient of welfare benefits under a ‘refugee’ status. According to Mitt Romney’s mother, Lenore LaFount Romney, George Romney was a ‘refugee from Mexico on welfare relief for the first few years of his life.”

Um, I guess it’s okay that George Romney was helped by the government even though Mitt Romney would have you believe you attain success all on your own.  You know the ‘you didn’t build that’ is a lie in his mind. In other words, Mitt Romney wouldn’t be the billionaire he is today without his father receiving government assistance.

Wow, could George Romney have been the welfare ‘parasite’ Paul Ryan accuses others of being? Wait, did anyone ask him for his papers when he decided to run for the presidency? He wasn’t a ‘natural born’ American citizen. Oh, I’m sorry, he was white, so it doesn’t matter.

Not only did Ted Kennedy come back from the grave to slap Mitt Romney at the Democratic National convention over his “multiple choice” stance on many issues, but his mother also slapped him over his hypocrisy on “you didn’t build that.”

While Mitt Romney is attacking President Obama for feeding poor children, the  Center on Budget and Policy Priorities had this to say:

In 2011, SNAP helped almost 45 million low-income Americans to afford a nutritionally adequate diet in a typical month. Nearly 75 percent of SNAP participants are in families with children; more than one-quarter are in households with seniors or people with disabilities. While SNAP’s fundamental purpose is to help low-income families, the elderly, and people with disabilities afford an adequate diet and avoid hardship, it promotes other goals as well, such as reducing poverty, supporting and encouraging work, protecting the overall economy from risk, and promoting healthy eating.

SNAP caseloads have risen significantly since late 2007, as the recession and lagging recovery battered the economic circumstances of millions of Americans and dramatically increased the number of low-income households who qualify and apply for help from the program. Yet, despite the rapid caseload growth, SNAP payment accuracy has continued to improve, reaching all-time highs. Moreover, the Congressional Budget Office predicts that SNAP spending will fall as a share of the economy in coming years as the economy recovers and temporary benefit expansions that Congress enacted in 2009 expire.

Mitt Romney mother Lenore LaFount Romney on George Romney's welfare relief
Lenore LaFount Romney says George Romney received welfare relief when he and family returned from Mexico as refugees

Lenore LaFount Romney speaking about George Romney’s early years on welfare relief:

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  • Janet:

    If your intent was anything more than to malign Mitt Romney – you would be noting the “Welfare King Turned GOVERNOR” who created a son that is a multi-millionaire and was a governor himself.

    From this line of thinking you’d rightfully say that DURING GEORGE ROMNEY’S time RACISM AGAINST BLACK PEOPLE served as a strong barrier against the odds of Black people ever transitioning from an “Immigrant Welfare Case” into producing a son who had tremendous business success.

    I am honestly not sure if you can bring yourself to do the next step – which is to note how so many “Mission Accomplished Zones” where those who have been attacked as “Welfare Queens” by “Racist” Republicans today have a FAVORABLE SET OF PEOPLE IN POWER who have implemented PROGRESSIVE PUBLIC POLICY.

    In as much as you spend so much time hating on Mitt Romney I wonder why you don’t choose to see the LACK OF HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT in these places that the elected leaders who RECEIVED THE BLACK VOTE also largely fail to turn it into something of merit in assisting the people to LIVE AT A HIGHER STANDARD OF LIVING, primarily stimulated by the DISCIPLINED EFFORT that stems from these same communities.

    INDEED, Janet, there is an OPPORTUNITY COST for the antics that you and other Progressives carry out.

    • oh, that MUST be why the red states on average take more money from the federal government than they pay in taxes……. most the blue states pay more and take less back from the federal government….. must be because we are ‘a drain’ on the taxpayers….. just ask any state that takes more than it gives

  • Janus Daniels

    immigrants, welfare, anchor baby, GOP candidate…
    We know the story. We’ve been warned!
    Is it already too late?
    (I can use caps lock and misspellings if needed.)

  • just another dumb blonde

    George Romney’s eligibility was brought into question several times during his campaign. And I don’t see how being on welfare s a child and then not being dependent on it as an adult is a bad thing.

    • BunnyOle

      Because liberals make any single thing about him BAD, even if it is or was identical to something an opponent experienced, if he’s liberal it mean something good, if he’s not – then he’s just a shit bastard. It makes me sick.

    • iDoMyBest

      Its not at all a bad thing, especially since that’s obviously the route we wish ALL recipients would take. The problem is that Mitt Romney acts like public assistance is the worst thing ever & every one on it is scum. While I will clearly say I’m NOT a fan of public assistance, I have met people who said they needed it (as children) & like Mitt, thankfully no longer have a need for it as an adult.

  • Candice

    No, actually he didn’t.

    *Events during the Mexican Revolution forced his family to flee back to the United States when he was a child.
    George was born on July 8, 1907
    The Mexican Revolution broke out in 1910 – forcing the family to return to the US in 1912 (George age 5)
    The family subsisted with other Mormon refugees on government relief in El Paso, Texas. Then moved to Los Angeles.
    In 1913, the family moved to Oakley, Idaho ( George age 6) where they bought a farm.

    And the story goes on from there.

  • henry

    Romney’s 47% is dead accurate. come on..we all know that many immigrants and US citizens take advantage of the welfare, food stamps and medicare systems. If welfare and food stamps program becomes more tougher to get, people will make less babies that they cann’t afford and go out to find a job so that they won’t starve to death. In other countries where their GDP are growing, people there don’t have food stamps and all these gov’t regulated programs to feed the poor. It’s actually harder to start a business in the U.S than many other countries. How many fed, state and IRS laws are there. And, we tell the world that our country is governed by “We the people”..funny.

  • The Good Shepherd

    Yet another FICTITIOUS story from Uberland Gazette. Ever notice how those who piss & moan about $$ are usually stuck in life and WITHOUT it. Just like most VICTIM card playing Liberals who refuse to learn about politics but continue to vote AND RE-ELECT the same LOSER Democrats with the same FAILED Liberal Policies. LOOK into any mirror that will have you. Liberal SHEEP everywhere.