Mitt Romney Continues to Close Gap in Swing States But Is It Enough to Beat Obama?

Though Mitt Romney continues to surge in both national and swing state poll, Nate Silver now gives him a 38.9% chance of winning the presidential election. That’s good news for President Obama at this juncture but he has to come with guns blazing at the debate next week. Some of Joe Biden’s spirit needs to rub off on him.

“The only really good news for Democrats is that Mr. Obama had built up a large enough cushion that he could withstand a lot of damage without becoming the underdog. The forecast model still has him clinging to narrow leads in Ohio, Iowa, Wisconsin and Nevada, states that in some combination would give him 270 electoral votes.”

The Week: Is Romney taking over in the swing states?

  • pelmo

    Janet Obama has to stop running aroung laughing, joking and talking about Big Bird. A lot of his supporters are turning their backs on the president, since he appears as if he is not taking the campaign to seriously. The Libyan incident is going to jump up and bite him the longer he waits to address it properly.

    • Pelmo — I am watching this closely. Hillary Clinton spoke for the first time about it in weeks yesterday or today. I think they will try to pin it all on her, since she’s in charge of the State Department. I can’t imagine she would put her friend’s life in danger by ignoring calls for more security. This story goes further up the chain from the State Department and I believe it stops in the Oval Office. What Obama knew and when will be interesting. Did he have an empty chair moment in the Oval Office and his advisers did their own thing or what?

      Well, Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital is under the gun again over a company called Sensata outsourcing jobs from Illinois to China. That will also weigh heavily on the minds of many. I do believe Obama will win reelection, but not by the numbers in 2008. I thought I was sure who I was going to vote for, but as I have said, I don’t like Paul Ryan for his record and he would be one step from the presidency if Romney were to become incapacitated. Romney has flip-flopped on many occasions and that I don’t like either, but if he governs as the moderate he was in Massachusetts (when he was not spending massive amounts of time at his homes) then I could deal with a Romney presidency.