Fox News’ Charles Payne Says Bangladesh Fire Victims Should be “Thankful for Their Jobs”

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Fox News’ Charles Payne Says Bangladesh Fire Victims Should be “Thankful for Their Jobs” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fox News stopped living up to its “fair and balanced” motto a long time ago and I am not surprised that one of their mouth pieces Charles Payne took the position that the victims of the Bangladesh garment factor fire should be  “thankful for their jobs.” Um, I guess he should be too, since he can get away with spewing such venom at Fox News, or Faux News as I like to call the media arm of the Republican Party.

Charles Payne appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show and excused Sunday’s fire as a “rare event,” saying that those who criticized the factory’s unsafe conditions are just trying to pin the fire on Wal-Mart and other major corporations. Wal-Mart has a history of selling some inferior products and don’t expect them to hold their suppliers to the highest industry standards. I guess those people fall in the 47 percent that Republicans loathe, so who cares what happens to them. They should just take it all in and be grateful.

At the very minimum, Tazreen Factories, which makes garments not only for Wal-Mart, but also for J. C. Penney and H&M, should have made sure it met safety requirements. It had no “functioning fire extinguishers and when the fire broke out, managers allegedly locked the doors and told factory workers to “go back to their stations,” the Inquisitr reports. It’s a stretch not to pin the blame on the companies that do business with this factory and the Bangladeshi government.

Watch Charles Payne on Fox News dissing Bangladesh factory fire victims:

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