Phillip Walker Sailors Arrested for Killing Rodrigo Abad Diaz Who Went to Wrong House

Phillip Walker Sailors, 69, of Lilburn, was arrested for fatally shooting Rodrigo Abad Diaz, who friends say pulled into the wrong driveway Saturday night. The arrest warrant alleges Diaz was shot in the head as he tried to drive away from Sailors’ home on Hillcrest Road in Lilburn.  Friends of 22 year old Rodrigo Abad Diaz maintain he and others were trying to find a friend’s house, but their GPS led them to the wrong home.

After seeing the car in his driveway, Sailors came out of his home, went back inside, then came out again with a gun and shot in the air, Yeson Jimenez, 15, told Channel 2. Jimenez said he and his brother were in the car with Diaz, along with a female passenger. Diaz tried to drive away, but Sailors shot again, striking Diaz in the head, according to police.

“He is very distraught over the loss of life from the defense of his home,” attorney Michael Puglise said. “This incident happened late in the evening hours when he was home with his wife and he assumed it was a home invasion and he maintains his innocence.”

Sailors remained late Monday in jail, where he was being held without bond. He has no known criminal history. Source

Since when did people become so trigger-happy that someone accidentally pulling into the wrong driveway is automatically assumed to be a robber Would Mr. Sailors have reacted the same way had Rodrigo Abad Diaz been white?

  • Tuck Fox

    Since it happened late at night and given the age of the vet, he probably did not even know what race the intruders were. To claim racial motives is premature and irresponsible. We have not heard his side of the story.

  • Even so you would think that if someone his age since a lot of people will try to justfied his age as a factor here or not felt threatened by someone who accidentally pulled in their driveway goes outside to see whom it was and then turns around to goes back into his home to retrieve his gun and come back out, shoots in the air and as they were trying to get out of his driveway shoots the young man in the head can you say out of control??? Whether the young man was black, white, or pen stripes with pokadots it doesn’t matter people are so out of control with these guns. If he felt that threatened why didn’t he call 911?? He couldn’t have been to afraid or threatened because he walked out to see who it was, went back in his home, came out with a gun and killed the young man. Can you say he thought this out he actually thought about it. Whether it was his intent to kill anyone or not he made a choice and that choice ended up with this young mans life being taken. When is all this madness going to stop???