President Obama Putting Republicans on Blast with “In Your Face” Second Term

Barack Obama - Chess Master
President Obama Putting Republicans on Blast with “In Your Face” Second Term (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is right, President Obama stuck it to Republicans with his nomination of Chuck Hagel as the next Defense Secretary. Right in the eyes. You see, Chuck Hagel was a staunch critic of the George W. Bush foreign policy, specifically on the war in Iraq, so, this should be a win-win for President Obama as there is a real possibility it will resurrect the Bush years. The same years the Republicans gave him a blank check to do whatever he wanted.

Frank Wilkinson says the nomination of former Sen. Chuck Hagel as defense secretary “represents both an affront to Republicans, who have never honestly reckoned with the disasters of George W. Bush’s foreign policy, and to Democrats, who have spent decades crafting foreign policy designed in part to avoid inciting aggression not from abroad, but from Republicans.”

“Obama may or may not believe Hagel is the best person for the job. But he certainly is mindful of the challenge he has just laid down. Unless opponents can restrict the debate on Hagel to his views — real or imagined — on Israel, they risk litigating the disastrous policies that Hagel rejected and his most vociferous critics embraced.”

“An oddly similar battle awaits on the debt ceiling. Obama says that, unlike 2011, he will not negotiate on the debt ceiling. To hold that line, he will have to explain — repeatedly — that spending is initiated in the House and passed by Congress. In other words, the battle presents an opportunity to stick Republicans with their share of blame for the deficit, a reckoning they have evaded as assiduously as the one on Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Hey Sarah Palin, remember when your cojones comment about President Obama, um, I think you are about to see them in his second term.

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  • Janet:

    This article perfectly frames you consciousness and frame of mind.

    1) You CAN’T reference the “absolute condition” of the Black Community – after 50 years of investments of our valuables into the machine that Obama sits atop of.

    2) You CAN’T reference the fiscal condition of the NATION and make the same argument.

    In your world – “Obama Saved GM” and “Made the MOST PROGRESSIVE Tax Hike in 20Years” as he PROTECTS THE POOR against the RICH is your “North Star”.

    This comes at the cost of you compromising your journalism – unable to note that the $49.5 billion to GM came during a year of a $1,200 billion deficit.

    That the $600 billion tax increase over 10 years came in the context of a $4,000 billion SPENDING INCREASE in the same period.

    YOUR PROBLEM Janet – YOU are PLEASED to see Obama (your words) ‘BEATING THE REPUBLICANS’ – but you can’t bring yourself to APPRAISE YOUR “ABSOLUTE INTEREST (standing) BEYOND your own ideological bigotry.

    The BEST TIME for the USA Government to launch a strike that you would otherwise oppose – IS RIGHT NOW – with Obama as the narrator