Sen. Rand Paul’s Son, William Hilton Paul, Arrested for Underage Drinking, Disorderly Conduct

William Hilton Paul, 19, the son of Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) was arrested at a North Carolina airport for disorderly conduct and public intoxication charges, Politico reports. The teen is charged with consuming alcohol underage, being intoxicated, and disruptive and disorderly conduct, The Charlotte Observer reports. William Hilton Paul was on an early Saturday flight from Lexington, Ky., to Charlotte, N.C. Police said he was charged after the flight landed at 10:49 a.m.

Sen. Rand Paul’s office issued the following statement:

 “Sen. Paul is a national public figure and subject to scrutiny in the public arena. However, as many parents with teenagers would understand, his family should be afforded the privacy and respect they deserve in a situation such as this.” Elisabeth Arriero.

For me, this is a private matter between William Paul and his parents. The media should not blow it out of proportions. I find it amazing that this story is missing from the Drudge Report, considering they went nuts over President Obama’s daughter’s spring break vacation in Mexico.

  • longrunningfool

    Yep. Such a private matter that you felt the need to blog about it. And maybe it wasn’t spring break for the girls that was the issue but the wastefulness of taxpayer dollars that sparked Drudge.