Thousands March in Paris Protesting Bill That Would Allow Same-Sex Marriage, Adoption


Rainbow flag. Symbol of gay pride.
Thousands March in Paris Protesting Bill That Would Allow Same-Sex Marriage, Adoption. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SMH:  Thousands marched in Paris in protest of a bill, if passed, that would allow same-sex marriage and adoption. Police fired teargas to prevent the protesters from entering the Champs Elysees, Russia Today reports.


Demonstrators gathered Sunday in the center of the French capital for a final mass protest against the controversial bill that if backed in the Senate during April’s, vote may become law as early as the summer. So far the draft has been passed in the lower house of parliament.

Currently French gay men and women are allowed to adopt as individuals if approved by social services.

Protestors demand the government withdraw the bill instead putting the issue to the public through project a referendum.

Over 60 percent of the French support gay marriage, though just under half support adoption by same sex couples.The law was a key electoral pledge by Hollande, but his critics say he has tried to push it through without broad public consensus. Source: RT

I have to ask, how does same-sex marriage and adoption affect the protesters? They enjoy the right to protest. Well, how about gays and lesbians enjoying the right to marry who they love and adopt?


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  • Gays successfully came out by 1995. Gay rights
    today are not about gay rights, it’s about more children. Public
    opinion must be saturated with gay acceptance so that stealing more ‘Legally Kidnapped’
    children from natural parents to fill the hungry appetites of this
    market can be fulfilled. Death and medical benefits could have been
    legislated in the last 16 years, but has not b/c this
    isn’t the true agenda.

    Social worker files are full of lies. 95% of government child confiscation need never be displaced. Their academics hijacked: Southhampton University scraps social work programs BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO INTERNATIONAL WORKS OF EXCELLENCE (on the net).

    60% support? Not true.