Alan Keyes Claims U.S. Government Preparing Military to ‘To Do Violence Against Christian Denominatons’

English: Alan Keyes at a campaign rally.
Alan Keyes Claims U.S. Government Preparing Military to ‘To Do Violence Against Christian Denominatons’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The right wing freak-outs get stranger and stranger by the day. Enter former Republican presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who virtually disowned his lesbian daughter over her sexual orientation, has unleashed a diatribe in which he claims the government is preparing militarily to attack Christian denominations. There’s a name for this man. Nah, I won’t say it.

Ironically, in these offensively evil times, self-professed Christians who feel outrage at the thought of associating Christ with violence may be playing into the hands of Christ’s adversary. After all, incomprehensibly massive, government- perpetrated slaughters occurred with striking regularity during the twentieth century. Today, in various parts of the world, gruesome violence is being done to Christians with frequency. Events in Africa and the Middle East have Christians and Jews being systematically targeted for violence by groups that have seized control of governments, or are poised to do so.

Moreover, it’s not at all unreasonable to see, in certain recurring reports, signs that the U.S. government is preparing our military forces to do violence against Christian denominations that refuse to abandon God’s Word on matters like homosexuality. Just the other day, I read that “soldiers in the U.S. military have been told in a training briefing that evangelical Christians are the No. 1 extremist threat to America….Catholicism and ultra-orthodox Judaism are also on the list of religious extremist organizations.”

Um, let’s start with his denomination first, since they helped shape this man and the vile rhetoric he spews. Clearly he’s telling a barefaced lie but that’s his usual deal. He also said homosexuality is a crime against humanity.

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  • sunmusing

    I am sad about him disowning his daughter, this f*ck head doesn’t realize how much a daughter means to a dad…I lost mine, and now every time I hear something like this I weep for the lack of humanity of some of these people…I can’t wait for the assault to begin on these enemies of our country…all of them, from Pat Roberson to the rest of them. these folks are succeeding in breaking apart the unity of this country. Let the Tree of Liberty be refreshed with the blood of the tyrants…

    • Sunmusing — Alan Keyes will need his daughter one day but I hope it won’t be too late. I can’t believe any parent would disown their child over his or her sexual orientation. Shameful. As for the ridiculous assertions he continues to make, he’s just another right wingnut.

  • MontanaSid

    What is in the water these people drink?

    • Montana Sid — Good question. They must love him over at World Net Daily.

  • Reassuring to know this fool is still completely insane.

  • Religion is bad for the brain. This guy has done way too much of it.

  • “…certain recurring reports…”

    Now the voices in his head are giving reports.

    • SgtCedar — His diatribe sounds like something we would hear from Bryan Fischer or Pat Robertson. You know, the usual crew.

      • I used to be a chaplain at a psychiatric hospital. I met psychotic patients who were more rational than Keyes.

        • jaycubed

          What he reminds me of are some of the nutcase parents of psychiatric patients I have worked with. They present as being rather normal at first glance (i.e. they dress appropriately), but when you start talking to them you begin to notice that something’s not quite right. The more they talk, the crazier they sound until you eventually notice that the “designated” patient is saner than the parent; and that their expressed “craziness” is a defense against the cosmic insanity of the parent.

          • I once met a patient that told everyone he had $100 thousand
            dollars and the hospital was trying to steal it from him. This claim
            sounded crazy. I later found out from a doctor that he had inherited
            that much money and it was in a trust in a bank in another state. It
            turned out someone was trying to steal the money.

            The hospital was trying to break the trust so he could be released
            from the institution. His family was fighting to preserve the trust
            so they would get the money when he died.

            At that hospital I lived in a staff
            residence with some of the staff form the ward where I worked as a
            chaplain. The behavior I observed in the residence was as bad as
            anything I was on the ward from the patients.

  • all I can say is keep speaking LOUDER AND LOUDER the more people hear wackadoo’s like this the more people will turn away from them..only those who’s lives and minds live ina world of hate and delusion will flock to people like this..

  • Anonymous

    “There’s a name for this man. Nah, I won’t say it.”

    thats ok; i’ll do it for you.


    hatemonger is probably in there too. but after the first one thats swinging dangerously close to using too many words to cover an oxygen thief.

  • Keyes is obviously a boob