Norfolk NAACP President Tristan Breaux Under Fire for Facebook Post Criticizing Trayvon Martin

Norfolk NAACP President Tristan Breaux Under Fire for Facebook Post About Trayvon Martin
Norfolk NAACP President Tristan Breaux Under Fire for Facebook Post About Trayvon Martin (Photo credit: Norfolk NAACP)

Tristan Breaux, 25, is being asked to resign as president of the Norfolk NAACP chapter because of comments he made about Trayvon Martin on his personal Facebook page. Breaux wrote, “I wonder why it is that we are always willing to say someone who clearly had a shaky past, was the victim,” referring to the murdered teen. Tristan Breaux is perfectly within his rights to have an opinion on Trayvon Martin, but it’s problematic to the NAACP because it doesn’t fit the rhetoric emanating from their ranks.

Tristan Breaux under fire for Facebook post criticizing Trayvon Martin
Tristan Breaux under fire for Facebook post criticizing Trayvon Martin (Weasel Zippers)

While I don’t believe Trayvon Martin was responsible for his death because he was racially profiled and followed by George Zimmerman, he nonetheless seems to have had some behavioral issues. If he took a selfie photograph of himself holding a gun, then where did he get it? Calling on Tristan Breaux to step down is akin to the no-snitch policy in some inner city neighborhoods.

Tristan Breaux also went to ask in his post if people are blinded to why Trayvon was staying with his dad and why he wasn’t at home at at time of the shooting, WAVY.TV asked. This doesn’t mean Trayvon Martin deserved to be shot and killed by an overzealous neighborhood watch captain, but we can’t dispute the fact that Trayvon Martin was staying with his Dad for a reason.

The flip argument can be made about George Zimmerman being portrayed as a victim too, considering he has had some brushes with the law — assaulting a police officer and a domestic violence issue. Still, calling on Tristan Breaux to step down is laughable. It seems that he is more mature than Norfolk City Councilman Paul Riddick, who is calling for his resignation.

There’s word that local NAACP members vowing to wear a “Tristan Breaux has to go” hoodie at the next meeting, according to WAVY-TV. Is this mature?

Norfolk NAACP members threatening to wear 'Tristan Breaux Has to Go' Hoodies
Norfolk NAACP members threatening to wear ‘Tristan Breaux Has to Go’ Hoodies



  • GordonWayneWatts

    Tristan is correct to hold Trayvon accountable for his guilt, but I (a far-right Conservative) go one step further: I hold ALL THREE parties responsible for Travon’s death: See my latest Facebook ‘note’ for proof of that.

    Huh?! All three? Yes, Zimmerman and Martin both had a right to be where they were -and “Stand their ground” — but a “third” party (the criminal or criminals, plural) who terrorized the neighborhood did NOT have a right to be there — and yet, their actions put Zimmerman in fear–and ultimately resulted in him following Trayvon — This frightened Trayvon Martin (and Zimmerman probably did not identify himself as a security officer) — Thus, while Zimmerman was not breaking the law, he was acting morally wrong –against God — A better person would have politely identified himself as a security officer — Martin was also wrong in over-reacting –and fighting Zimmerman — Zimmerman probably used excessive force — but, since he did not know that his life or health was not in danger, this over-reaction was small– The “main” guilty party was the 3rd one — the one no one has held accountable.

    See my note for a good discussion on this.

    Tristan spoke the truth, and if the NAACP opposes him, they oppose truth -and bring discredit and dishonour to their organisation. Truly off-centre and bizarre — Tristian did not say that Zimmerman was innocent — and neither am I — so, why all the fuss about a ‘truth teller” named Tristan Breaux? Don’t oppose truth -or in so doing, thou shalt oppose Jesus.

    Gordon Wayne Watts
    LAKELAND (between Orlando & Tampa), Fla., USA

    • Gordon Watts — I do agree that Tristan Breaux has a right to his opinion. I also believe, that while Trayvon Martin may have had behavioral issues, he didn’t deserve to murdered by George Zimmerman, who was clearly profiling this kid. Stand Your Ground laws are problematic and we need to take a hard look at repealing this laws.

      • don

        No one deserved to die in this situation but the jury found G.Z. NOT to be a murderer.The media is at fault here continuing to play the race card when there was no racism on G.Z. part but there was on Mr.Martins part.Typically these days; if the truth is told, the messenger gets attacked.Very sad.My condolences to both families.

  • Snickers

    Well according to the map that was provided in court, it is clear that trayvon made it all the home, while zimmerman was a lot further away, TM circled and came back to where zimmerman was and confronted him. he was not afraid for his life, therefore I will hold him responsibilble for what happened to himself.

    • Snickers — That map came from George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin isn’t here to give us his side of the story. That’s a fact. Neither you nor I were there to know Trayvon Martin circled back. The fact remains, had George Zimmerman been sitting in his vehicle, the fight would have never happened.