Jajuan Holmes Kills Himself in Front of About 150 Classmates

Jajuan Holmes, 18, fatally shot himself in front of about 150 classmates at Davidson High School in Mobile, Alabama.This is a tragic incident of untold proportions and will undoubted have repercussions. To put it bluntly, our children are under siege in every sense of the word.

Holmes was charged a few weeks ago in a Dairy Queen robbery, which may have been a factor leading to the shooting. The police chief said that he said there had been no indication that Holmes might be suicidal. Sometimes you cannot simply say because you had no indications of someone being suicidal will mean that they won’t do it. Something had to drive him to that point. Something led him down that path of hopelessness. I would venture to say that he was narcissistic in going out front of his classmates. That was almost a little selfish, but nonetheless something happened to this young man.

Local media reports said that Chelsea Smith, a fourth-year student, said she was seated in the gym bleachers when Holmes appeared at the top of the bleachers and walked down to the center of the gym court. “He had a gun to his head,” she said.

Smith said a coach walked toward Holmes, who pointed the gun at the coach until the coach retreated. She said Holmes then fired into the ceiling and shot himself.

This is a real shame that at such a young age he was already in the penal system. Statistics are against blacks in the correctional system and unfortunately, many enter at a young age. We have to do better for our children. While I do not know his family structure or his background, it still drives home the fact that he needed some help and nobody saw this coming.

  • Anonymous

    There were not 150 people in the gym at the time of the shooting, at most it was 5 or 6, he waited for most everyone to get out before he did it…i hate how the media twists the story and only shows the bad side..you mention the robberies but nobody mentions navy ROTC or the fact that he was a caring person who was NEVER selfish toward anyone. Even when he was feeling down, he’d always come up and ask me “hey what’s wrong? you wanna talk about it?” he was so busy helping everybody else with their problems that he hid his pain until it was too late

  • Janet Shan

    Thanks for your comments, but like the young people who have opened fire and shot people and ultimately themselves, does not make it any more correct. It is quite obvious that this young man needed help and unfortunately he did not get it. As sad as this sounds, he can be considered a narcissist. The fact remains, as your hometown newspaper and I am pretty sure, court records have stated he was charged with a crime. No one said he is not caring. As I said in my post, I do not know him personally, but the fact still remains that he took his life in front of people. I am pretty sure you know how horrific and traumatic that was. Too bad he did not ask for help and as I stated, we have to take better care of our children. Sorry about your loss. I don’t think the media got it twisted that he committed suicide in front of students and that he was charged with a crime. There was a certain level of selfishness on his part to commit such an act in front of others.

  • Anonymous

    I know what happened I was there! i’m just saying, don’t just write the bad, about the robberies

  • Janet Shan

    The robberies are a fact. He was charged with committing a crime. As I said in my commentary, he was suffering and no-one saw that. He clearly needed help and did not receive it. It is a shame and our kids are under siege for whatever reason. What happened in his life to drive him to commit a robbery, especially at such an early age? The media did not get that part wrong. I am sure you see him in a way different light than others do, but still he has been accused of committing a crime and chose to take his life in front of people. That says a lot about his mindset. I do not advocate suicide by any means, but why couldn’t this have been done privately? Why was he carrying a gun? I could go on and on. I hope you will find peace and the answers for what drove him to this. It is a shame that a young life had to be taken in such a manner. He could have been a productive citizen. He could have been great but something drove him to end it all.

  • Bianca

    It really makes me mad to see somebody so stuck on pushing negativity that they dont care about the positive things people do and how everytime u see a picture of Jajuan on the news or in the paper its a mugshot of all his pictures A MUGSHOT!? the media tries so hard to portray him as a troubled, homeless, and criminal teen, who none of which he was..lost, yes..but not a criminal..as far as it being selfish no one in that gym looked at it as selfish only the ones who were not there..Jajuan was a wonderful person who apparently made some wrong decision like we all do..but that gives no one the right to slaughter his name…all we have heard since he died is he robbed this place he was in the system he was selfish he was this he was that…WE DONT CARE!..he was none of that to us and he never will be..i want every person who says he was all these things to think…think if that was your sister, brother, son, daughter, or just someone close to you…would u write about them what you’re writing about jajuan would u say how they’re “selfish”…i dont think so…you’re being selfish..while we’re mourning and trying to get use to life now we want to celebrate all the good Jajuan did in his life we dont care about the bad..so you should stop being selfish

  • Janet Shan

    He is what he is and he did just what he was accused of doing. We cannot condone bad behavior, no matter who it is. He stole and my question to you is did he have to do it? If he was guilty of such an offense, then he needed to get the punishment he deserved. He was a child in need of some type of intervention because he clearly had some problems. I am saddened, as a parent, by the fact that no one saw him crying out for help! I am not selfish. I am the parent of two boys and I take my role as their mother very seriously. I have a tremendous role to play in their lives, as is my spouse. The children are our future, but we must teach them right!

  • Shanika

    you all can say what you want and think what you want cause that is how society is any ways, But think about this what if this was your child would you still think that way. You only making those comments cause you did not know him personally. You only know what the media said and the media really don’t know all the facts. The media be wrong to. The do not always have the correct facts. So before you judge are talk about what he did was not right or wrong you need to think what if that was your child. How would you deal or handle that?