Christopher Reinhold, Son of Deputy Mayor of Battle Ground, WA Faces Cyberstalking Charges for Sending Racist E-mails

Black Political Thought’s Idiot of the Week:
Christopher Reinhold, Son of Deputy-Mayor of Battle Ground, Washington

Battle Ground, Washington is a place I have never heard of, so naturally when I came across this news story involving racial bigotry against a person of African descent, my curiosity was piqued.Prosecutors have linked the 18-year-old son of the deputy mayor of Battle Ground to an anonymous e-mail sent to the City Council containing racial epithets. The e-mail, sent in January from an account identified as “battleground anonymous,” contained five different racial slurs aimed at the city’s newly elected councilman, Paul Zandamela, the council’s only black member.

Authorities allege in the statement that the e-mails were sent from the home computer of Christopher Reinhold, the son of deputy mayor Alex Reinhold, and that the younger man admitted to police that he sent the e-mail. Prosecutors said that Reinhold was expected to face cyberstalking charges in connection with the incident, Clark County prosecutors said. What an idiot! I guess he did not think that his IP address could be tracked.

Here’s what Christopher Reinhold is accused of writing….

As you know, there is a nigger on our city council named Paul Zandamela. Our city government must be corrupt to have this porch monkey as an elected official. According to our year 2000 census, coons only make up .49% of our population, and I know I would never vote for one of those spooks. I don’t see how a person who is different from 99.51% of our population can properly make decisions for us.


Nigger Hater

Final thoughts….

Battle Ground Mayor Michael Ciraulo said he was “shocked” and “upset” at what he read in the e-mail, adding that he thought these types of beliefs were gone generations ago. However, he warned people not to judge the community by the actions of one person.”Hateful speech, bigotry has no place in our community,” Ciraulo said. “It’s not welcome and will not be tolerated in our community.” Yep, this was coming from the deputy-mayor’s son. Somehow the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree. I am not saying his father is a bigot, but sometimes you never know. If this young man had sent these racist emails about any other ethnic group, I would still have a problem with the matter. It is just plain wrong and serves to remind us every day that racial bigotry still exists and by the people you would least expect. Christopher Reinhold is Black Political Thought’s Idiot of the Week. Just my thoughts, you be the judge….

  • Anonymous

    I am saddened by this. I used to live in the Battle Ground area, happen to work for that school district and not surprised by it. There are many narrow minded bigoted in the area, very non accepting of anyone different from themselves. I would have thought that by this time, we would move past the ignorant thinking shown here. To try to hide this in the 1st ammendment is also troubling.
    I cannot say anything more than I am sorry for this, I hope it brings to light the many incidences of racial, religious and other forms of hate that thrive in this community.

  • Janet Shan

    Thanks for your comments. It is a shame that this young man is so bitter towards a man who has probably never met him, nor harmed him in any way. I am well aware that this type of bigotry still exists in pockets of the US and it is really unfortunate because we all want the same things out of life, have the same emotions and basically the same people, just from different ethnicities. I hope that he will learn a valuable lesson from this crime. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Renee

    This comes as not surprise to me. Racism is systemic. It is something we as black people must negotiate on a daily basis. Until white people start owning their historical racial privileges the black community and the white community will continue to be divided.
    What saddens me about this story is that e-mail was written by a young man. Hatred is destructive to the soul. He is not only damaging others by spreading his hatred he is hurting himself.

  • Janet Shan

    Renee, it is amazing how much anger and hatred some people have for blacks, Asians, Muslims and I could go on and on. It would be interesting to see the population of blacks in that town and how much discrimination has gone unreported and unchecked. He deserves the charges that are being levelled against him and as I said, the fruit often does not fall far from the tree. I am not blaming his Dad, who is the deputy mayor of the town, but one has to wonder what type of household this young man lives in. Thanks for the comments.


  • Kristi

    I lived in BattleGround for 17 years. Went to there schools, walked through there town. It is probably one of the MOST raciest community in Washington. School is torture for most of the kids there, there is no tolerance for diversity. I was constantly ridiculed and made fun of for having PIERCINGS. As if it is anyones buisness what I do with my body. There were MAYBE 4 african american people in our school, and all of them went through this. The “Hicks” on Battle Ground are by far the worst with there huge white trucks with confederate flags on the back. Its always fun to walk down the street and listen to some asshole call you crude names.

  • Anonymous

    Good job young man god bless u and the right america.