Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, Reportedly John McCain’s Running Mate

CNN is reporting that Governor Sarah Palin, 44, first term governor, is John McCain’s running mate. This will make for a very interesting vice presidential debate. She has a record of change, but didn’t John McCain and company say that Barack Obama has very little experience? Well, what can we say about Ms. Palin? This is troubling on so many levels. She has been in office for two years. At least Barack Obama has been in politics for some time. This makes McCain seem petty and a flip-flopper. The McCain camp has literally tried to railroad Barack Obama on his experience. At 72, he chooses a 44-year old as his running mate. Well, I don’t want to be too bold, but my vote is on the Obama-Biden ticket. I don’t think this will affect women voters because they don’t know who this woman is. This helps him very little with disaffected women voters who supported Hillary Clinton.

Let me also add, that Mrs. Palin is under legislative investigation in her state. More to come on this pick! What will her role be? With such a thin resume, as well as being the mother of a four-month baby with Down’s Syndrome, who will need a lot of attention, this tells me she will be a passive VP, should they prevail in the Fall. The only thing I can say about her that I like is the fact that in the face of adversity, being told her baby had Down’s Syndrome, she chose to have her baby. That’s admirable because many people would choose to terminate the pregnancy, so my hats off to her.

What is her background? Nobody knows. At least we know where Joe Biden stands. He will clean the floor up with her during the debates. Not because she is a woman, but because she has NO EXPERIENCE.

  • : JustaDog

    Check out her history while in office in Alaska – you might end up getting to the end with your mouth open – saying WOW.

    This woman has turned in Republicans and smashed big government spending habits, gone up against oil companies, etc.

    I know she isn’t black but is the election of the executive branch about race or sex – or is it about policy?

  • Anonymous

    To Justadog-

    Perhaps that’s all you are-a dog who is easily impressed. I read the nice little Wickepidia link you provided and NOWHERE along the line was I saying wow. What’s so great about her TWO years in office-that she did he job?! Whoop-de-doo.

    And your last comment about sex and race doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. McCain picked her BECAUSE she’s woman. He knows he’s failing and he thought this would boost him, so the answer to your questions is yes, it is about sex, for McCain anyways. You’re out of line even asking that question. As a human, who is just as equal to anyone else, that topic shouldn’t even be a concern of yours.

    Yes, it should be about policy. Obviously you read some of her polices: anti-prochoice, NRA enthusiast, in favor of capital punishment. Oh by the way, did you see pictures of her wearing fur? Very classy indeed.

  • Janet Shan

    Justadog — So, that makes her more qualified than Barack Obama? Wow, she managed to gain that much experience in two years? She's a real political insider! Not. So, she has done work with TransCanada about developing Thomson Point and has fought Exxon, ConocoPhillips, BP? Yeah and? Let's see–this was a desparate move on John McCain's part. He's trying to get Hillary Clinton voters. The only problem with that is Hillary Clinton had tons of "experience" and Mrs. Palin can't compare to Hillary nor Joe Biden. Let's see, McCain passed over Kay Bailey Hutchinson, for example and basically threw other good Republican candidates under the bus. Let's see him talk about Barack Obama's inexperience. This woman would be next in line for the presidency. Personally, I don't feel safe with her answering the phone at 3 am nor do I feel safe with her going up against Putin & Co., among other world leaders. Sorry, I don't share your joy on this candidate. I have been critical of Barack Obama, but I couldn't possibly cross party lines for these two. I am sure she is a "great" person, but so was Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney.

    Anonymous — I totally agree with you. McCain was desparate and picked her to get the "Hillary" voters, who I seriously doubt he will get.

  • : JustaDog

    I’ll be doing a comparison post of her accomplishments and Obama’s – including all his great accomplishments in the Illinois senate.

    So far the list of what Sarah has done far exceeds that of Obama.

    Another big difference? Sarah has a proven track record of exposing and dealing with corruption in high places. That in itself makes Obama shiver, I’m sure.

    anonymous: I don’t expect you or other hopeful “Progressives” to see any good in anything from a hard working conservative. All you see is doom and gloom and growing government as big as you can.

    NRA is a great organization made up of responsible Americans – heck, even some Democrats.

    Capital punishment? Talk to Janet and all of the posts about violent murderers in the streets of our cities. The liberal justice system protects them, caters to them, and even wants to restore their “right” to vote. If anyone is serious about cleaning up society then you must be in favor of capital punishment. Obviously, you prefer caring for the criminals.

    I don’t know McCain so I can’t say why he made his choice. Obviously you must be best friends with him. You are the only one to bring gender to the comments.

    “anti-prochoice” – yes, I realize she would stand up for the rights of a little human to be born – unlike your party and Obama, that has no problem sucking the brains out of a little baby as it is being born.

  • Anonymous

    The thing that bothers me about the Republicans is that they are exclusive. They dismiss anyone who doesn’t share their point of view, religion, sexual orientation and ideas.

    Every time there is an election they pull out the same tactics over and over again, abortion, guns and gays…

    The whole economy is falling apart, over 600k Iraqi’s have been killed since the war began and over 4K of our troops have died (I have yet to see a televised funeral of our soldiers)and they always say they are pro-life of the unborn child but they never have a plan to prevent unwanted pregnancy’s and they have no respect for lives of adults. What kind of moral logic is that? Meanwhile they don’t see any issue with a gun toting, animal killing,(she paid people to kill wolves in Alaska) less than 2 year governor that is a virtual unknown. I really don’t see how the Republicans represent America and say they are for family values while they destroy the middle and lower class.

    McCain during the primary admitted he didn’t know much about the economy. So I get that he graduated in bottom 5 of the military academy. While Barack graduate Magna Cum Luade from Havard(that usually means your pretty smart) McCain really has no energy policy for the future other than his bumper sticker slogan “Drill Now…”(so stupid) Yet he met this woman one time before he made this decision. Not to mention he had a plethora of excellent candidates both male and female and he picked her to be his VP. I’m all for women breaking through the glass ceiling but would you put in a quarterback for the Superbowl if they only played highschool football. Come on.

    I know people will argue that she has more executive experience than Obama but what are McCains motives behind this decision, was he really thinking about the economy, health care, the war in Iraq, abortion, gay marriage, education, predatory lending on minorities. I think not! Is that the way he makes his decisions, do you really want somebody in the white house who makes hasty knee jerk decisions.(oops we already put GW Bush(he was C average student at Yale) in there twice, look how great that turned out)

    What I hate the most is how the Republican candidates always bring abortion into the race but everybody knows it’s a wedge issue and they never will over turn Roe vs Wade because it’s only thing they can tote out every election that will distract their base from the issues. Think about it; if they had 8 years with Bush and a Republican congress why didn’t they do it.

    The next 8 weeks are going to be hell because Obama/Biden are going have to deal with McCain’s attacks and they will come down to guns, abortion and gay marriage. And they will try to trash both Obama and Biden in the process.

    I will be out there doing all I can to help make a change. I am tired of politics as usual and really don’t care what people say about Obama(he may not be perfect and that’s okay) because I know no matter who I am the Democrats will continue to be inclusive and that’s the America I want my children to live in.

  • Jason

    A bit off topic, but I wonder why you would reject my entrecard ad. We’ve both got political blogs. I like what you’ve got here and frankly I’m a little bit insulted.

  • Renee

    Her selection as McCains running mate is an insult. He clearly chose her to appeal to disaffected HRC supporters in the mistaken idea that one vagina could substitute for another. Palin is not only not a feminist is anti-woman. She is nothing more than a colluder and the more she articulates her political position the more that will be made clear to the voting public.

  • : JustaDog

    He clearly chose her to appeal to disaffected HRC supporters in the mistaken idea that one vagina could substitute for another.

    And amateur Obama with no executive government experience – why did he choose an old, 2-time looser white guy? Surly not because he was qualified – you Democrats voted 2 times against Biden getting into the executive office.

    Your Obama picked the old 2-time looser white guy in an attempt to appeal to whites as well as give the ticket a dash of foreign policy experience since he has none.

    I didn’t realize Democrats classifiy women as simply vaginas. I should have figured that out after Obama spat on the 18+ million that voted for Clinton – just a vagina he didn’t want around.

    Obama didn’t have the balls to put a vagina (as you call women) as his VP – just like he doesn’t have the balls to join McCain in town hall meetings where unscripted and unfiltered questions would be asked.

  • Blog Queen

    Rumors have grown like an uncontainable wildfire overnight as to whether Gov. Palin is Trig’s biological mother or grandmother. Watch this video filmed on 2/20/08 of the governor “hiking” to work. Trig was born less than 2 months later. Governor Palin’s a liar

  • Renee

    Justadog my reference to Palin as just a vagina has everything to do with why I felt that McCain selected her rather than how I feel that women should be addressed.