Jamaican-Born Disco Diva Grace Jones Says Sarah Palin Stands For Backward Vision Of America

What the hell is this? Oh, it’s Grace Jones.

Here’s a blast from the past coming around Halloween. Grace Jones, Jamaican-born disco diva, said she was sorry Hillary Clinton had failed to make the cut in the US election and that she “can’t stand” folksy vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. She told the German magazine TV Spielfilm that Palin stood for the backward vision of America laden with government restrictions of sexuality and social behavior. Ouch, but does it matter, coming from Grace Jones?

“I would have loved it if Hillary Clinton had pulled it off,” Jones said, in an interview published in German marking the release of her new album.”I can’t stand Sarah Palin. I bet a woman like that has no sense of humor.”

The androgynous Jones, who conquered dancefloors and runways from New York to Paris in the 1980s, said she believed in her own form of sexual liberation. Really Grace?

According to Spielfilm, she said she had fallen afoul of feminists for stunts such as “appearing naked in a cage” but insisted she had the right to determine what was artistic or simply exploitative.”I believe a woman can present herself as a sex object if she has fun doing it,” she said.

Jones attributed her own dominant image to the influence of her grandfather, who served in World War I. “He was strict, even frightening,” she said. “Sometimes I think I am possessed by him.” Yeah, I am sure her Dad isn’t proud of the way she turned out. After all, he’s a preacher.

As crazy as Grace Jones’ is, I agree with her, Sarah Palin stands for a backward version of America, but not for the same reasons. Sarah Palin is not a uniter, she is a divider. Look at the comments made by many Republican heavyweights. Anyway we have five more days to go before the election and I hope Barack Obama prevails.

Here is one person Jamaica isn’t too happy to claim. Grace Jones literally scared me as a kid.I remember her in that Eddie Murphy movie in which she played Strange. The woman is weird. Yoohoo, Grace, I hear Jamaica calling you again! Oops, you can’t go back, can you? Remember that little incident in the Air Jamaica First Class lounge?