John McCain’s Black Relatives Support Barack Obama

Well, this is an interesting turn of events. John McCain has black relatives and they support Barack Obama. I came across an interesting article on South Florida Times. Seems like John McCain has literally disowned them too.

The South Florida Times states in that article that in the rural Teoc community of Carroll County, Miss., where the ancestors of Sen. John McCain owned enslaved Africans on a plantation, black, white and mixed-race family members unite every two years for their Coming Home Reunion, on the land where the plantation operated.

As excerpted from South Florida Times, some of McCain’s black family members say they are not sure exactly where they fall on the family tree, but they do know this: They are either descendants of the McCain family slaves, or of children the McCains fathered with their slaves.

White and black members of the McCain family have met on the plantation several times over the last 15 years, but one invited guest has been conspicuously absent: Sen. John Sidney McCain.

Psst, John McCain, you have black folks in your family! Your family has a history of being slave owners. I bet that’s a revelation he didn’t want to come out. Talk about Roots. So, it seems a little hypocritical that he can tap dance around overt racism, while his family is somewhat culturally diverse as Barack Obama’s. Isn’t it funny how he could beam with joy at his adopted daughter from Bangladesh, but yet he has turned his back on his own black family members. This speaks volumes about the dubious civil rights record he has. Yes, I guess John Lewis was right. Let me take it a step further, this racial tension is in John McCain’s blood, going back generations to his racist forefathers.

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  • Anonymous

    John McCain’s acknowledgement of his connection to the Black McCains in Mississippi was no surprise to me. Black Americans & white Americans are more connected than most are willing to know or reveal. A large number of black Americans including myself who have a rich Black family history are aware of their family's white family slave owners. I recognize the history element however this country has not reached the point where the connection has come to be a celebratory realization. Today's decedents of slave owners do not care to acknowledge their family's involvement with slaves. That part of history is so intentionally obscured.