Christopher Alan Wood, 33, Kills His Wife Frances Billotti Wood and their Three Young Children Ages 2, 4 and 5

Five people, including three young children,
were found dead in this house in Middletown, Maryland.

The violence continues this weekend with the latest revelation that Middletown, Md., resident Christopher Alan Wood, 34, killed his wife, Frances Billotti Wood, and three young children, then shot and then killed himself at the foot of the bed where his wife and 2-year-old daughter’s bodies lay. According to media reports, Christopher Wood was an accountant for CSX Corp. and was having some financial trouble. Still, that doesn’t give him the right to kill his entire family.

Frederick County Sheriff Charles Jenkins said that Wood may have slashed at least some of his family members in the killings. He also added that some of the victims had “severe lacerations and cut wounds.”

“These are horrific incidents,” said Jenkins, who said he couldn’t remember another homicide in the past 20 years in the small town northwest of Baltimore. “No one should ever have to be exposed to this.” Jenkins said at least four notes apparently written by Wood were found inside the home. Source: CNN

The authorities said Wood’s sons were five and four years old. His wife was 33. This is another terrible tragedy that should not have happened. These children and his wife did not deserve the fate that they were dealt. I have asked repeatedly, in covering this atrocities, why couldn’t the perpetrator just take his own life and spare the lives of others. Though I don’t believe in suicide, we just cannot sit by and watch all these people losing their lives at the hands of their spouses. There is no obstacle that is insurmountable, no matter how dark and dire it seems. There is always a way out. I must caution by saying that the police have not released the contents of the notes found in the home. It will be very interesting to hear what his reason for killing his entire family will be. I know the economic quagmire we have found ourselves in seems daunting, at best, but there is no excuse for killing your entire family. None.