Pastor Creflo Dollar Embroiled in Scandal Involving Malnourished Horses Found on His Property in Atlanta

Prosperity gospel hawker Pastor Creflo Dollar is in the news again. The Georgia Department of Agriculture has launched an investigation in the treatment of horses on his property. You see, these animals are apparently “skin and bones,” according to Debi King, who once owned one of the horses, a former champion. State inspectors said the person who bought the horses from King failed to feed the mare that died and several other horses that were also kept on Dollar’s property.

King sold the horses to Jason Mitchell, a Dollar family friend, after Mitchell said the animals would be kept on the pastor’s property.“It’s Creflo Dollar. You feel privileged to have horses going to somebody who is well known,” said King. Records that were obtained by Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones indicated Dollar told inspectors he and Mitchell agreed to keep the horses on his property so kids at Dollar’s church could use them for recreation. Soon after, the agriculture department received a complaint about the horse’s poor health.

Records showed the horses had no water, or had dirty water. They weren’t properly fed and that led to their body weights dropping to dangerous levels, according to records. Mitchell was cited for inhumane treatment of animals.“Did he kill the horse? In my opinion, yes,” said King. Mitchell told Jones he had financial problems and couldn’t take care of the horses. He said the horse that died was sick, which is something King disputes. Source: WSB-TV

This is a shame. Creflo Dollar wouldn’t want to be treated in such a manner. Shouldn’t Mr. Mitchell be faced with more than a slap on the hand for this? TOM JONES: Malnourished Horses Found On Creflo Dollar’s Property

A spokesperson for Dollar said the horses were owned by Mitchell and on Dollar’s property, but the pastor was not responsible or involved in their care. W&W Public Relations released a statement of behalf of Dollar that said, “Although the horses owned by Mr. Jason Mitchell were being stabled on Dr. Creflo Dollar’s property, Dr. Dollar was not in any way responsible for or involved with their care.”King got her horses back. She thinks Dollar should have made sure they were fed.“I mean, it’s his property,” King said. Dollar evicted Mitchell from the property. King said she is angry the state didn’t remove the horses. Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin said his office only removes animals as a last resort, partly because it doesn’t have the money or staff to take care of the animals when they’re removed. Source: WSB-TV

The bottom line is that the horses were on Creflo Dollar’s property and I am pretty sure he should have known what was going on. Had this been his Bentley, he would have known if it had a flat tire. Or if the water was seeping out of his swimming pool. If he can’t put the proper oversight mechanisms in place to take care of animals on his property, then how can he minister to people about doing the right thing? If he didn’t eat for two days, I am pretty sure he would notice that he was experiencing hunger pains. There is no justification for this and one has to wonder why he ran into the arms of a Public Relations firm to release a statement on his behalf. That money could have been used to take care of these horses. If he had nothing to hide he could have just spoken with WSB-TV and explained his position. Hey, if it walks like a dog and barks like a dog, then guess what? It is a dog.

SLIDESHOW: Horses Found On Pastor’s Property