Liz Trotta Furious with the Media Coverage of Pres. Obama’s Middle East Trip, Calls it the "Obama Glut" Says Brian Williams up for "Pet Poodle" Prize

Remember Liz Trotta, who on Faux News last year joked that we should kill Osama Bin Laden and Barack Obama? Well, she’s back on the air once again and on Fox News, I might add, spewing her right wing hatred.What I find utterly reprehensible is that she would have the nerve to criticize another journalist when she was so terrible at being one.

She was forced to apologize on the air by the liberal blogosphere shortly after. She kept a low profile for a while, but this nutjob is back once again and smearing President Obama. In this segment, she is furious with the media’s coverage of President Obama’s Middle East trip. This time she is being interviewed by Fox News lackey Eric Shawn.

Trotta: It’s the Obama glut and if you add that, another couple of hours of Brian Williams on NBC doing inside the Obama White House. I mean he’s now up for the prize for Pet poodle in the Obama media kennel. Just unbelievable sycophancy.

Shawn: Who, Brian Williams?

Trotta: Oh, my goodness. The softball questions and the running up and down the hallways. Somebody compared the scenes of running up and down the hallways it to a scene from Goodfellows where one of the gangsters takes his girlfriend back through the kitchen in order to get to the secret night club.

Shawn: Brian Williams, I’ve known him for 15 years. He’s a decent, I think objective professional.

Trotta: You’re wrong, you’re wrong. This is a network that has totally cast it’s lot with the Obama White House.

Shawn: We’ve heard that.

Trotta: They’re of course the ugly rumors and reports about how Jeffrey Immelt, the chairman and CEO of G.E., the parent company, has sent the word down that we’re going to be nice to Obama, because we want some of the government contracts.

Shawn: do you really believe that? do you really believe that?

Trotta: I believe it’s perfectly possible. I’m not saying it’s so, but this is widely reported on the Internet. And then we have the stockholders meetings in which, where the questions were — where people tried to ask can these questions and, of course, everybody’s mic was cut. That aside, no, there wasn’t even coverage of Obama. Again, he commanded the airwaves all week. And again, the press, which is his personal, you know, fan book, just play ball.

Fox News, or Faux News as I like to call them, are as much a pawn of the right wing as MSNBC is perceived to be for the left wing. But they engage in way more propaganda that I have ever seen on television. Expect to see Ms. Trotta on the “O’Reilly Factor” this week with the continuation of her ridiculous comments. It’s pretty hypocritical for Faux News to complain about another media’s coverage of the president or politics in general, when they have done nothing but engage in the worst kind of journalism possible.

Trotta & Co. wrapped up the segment by attacking Williams because he gave a little bow to the president as he left him.

Shawn: There it is. I mean it’s just a little head nod.

Trotta: Grovel, grovel, grovel.

Shawn: No, it’s a little thank you. It’s a sign of respect. Thank you, Mr. President.

Trotta: Did you see the entire thing? It was a grovel.

Hypocrites. For all those people who remember the fallout from Ms. Trotta’s comments about Barack Obama, be on your guard because she is about to surface on Fox News shortly. Be ready to blow up the telephone lines at Fox to get her off the air, once again. I am no big fan of Brian Williams, but if Ms. Trotta could ever dare to walk in his shoes, then I would take her seriously.

To see the video, CLICK HERE.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: President Obama Has Passed ‘3 a.m.’ Test

George Stephanopoulos interviewed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this morning on “This Week” and she said that President Barack Obama has “absolutely” answered questions she posed during the Democratic campaign about his lack of experience and ability to handle an international crisis. Gone are the days when she tried to plant a seed of doubt in the minds of the voters about then candidate Barack Obama’s capabilities of assuming the presidency. I give Mrs. Clinton a lot of credit for her accomplishments on the campaign trail and the passion she brings to her current position as secretary of state.

In her first Sunday show interview since her presidential bid ended a year ago, I asked Clinton if Obama answered the questions she raised in her campaign’s “3a.m.” ad.

“Absolutely,” Clinton told me in an exclusive “This Week” Sunday show interview– her first as secretary of state.

“And, you know, the president in his public actions and demeanor, and certainly in private with me and with the national security team, has been strong, thoughtful, decisive, I think he is doing a terrific job,” she said, “And it’s an honor to serve with him.”

Obama told Richard Wolffe that he had decided to offer State to Clinton during their primary battle. That came as a surprise to her.

“I never had any — any dream, let alone inkling that I would end up in President Obama’s cabinet,” she told me. “I was looking forward to going back to the Senate and, frankly, going back to my life and representing New York, which I love. And I had no idea that he had a different plan in mind.”

Clinton also deflected Obama’s first pass.”When he called and asked me to come see him, and we had our first conversation I said, ‘you know, I really don’t think I’m the person to do this, I want to go back to my life. I really feel like I owe it to the people of New York,'” Clinton said.

“And I gave him a bunch of other names of people who I thought would be great secretaries of state. But he was quite persistent and very persuasive. And, you know, ultimately it came down to my feeling that, number one, when your president asks you to do something for your country, you really need a good reason not to do it.”

“Number two, if I had won and I had asked him to please help me serve our country, I would have hoped he would say yes,” Clinton said, “And finally, I looked around our world and I thought, you know, we are in just so many deep holes that everybody had better grab a shovel and start digging out.” Source: ABC News

Hillary Clinton, if she chooses to hit the campaign trail again for the presidency after Obama leaves office, will be in an enviable position, especially if she has tangible results from being the secretary of state. She cracked the glass ceiling once and will shatter it the next time around. Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton is a force to be reckoned.

President Barack Obama’s Food at "La Fontaine de Mars" Restaurant Tested by ‘Taster’

According to Agence France-Presse, a US “taster” tested the food being dished up to President Barack Obama at a dinner in a French restaurant. “They have someone who tastes the dishes,” said waiter Gabriel de Carvalho from the “La Fontaine de Mars” restaurant where Obama and his family turned up for dinner on Saturday night. “It wasn’t very pleasant for the cooks at first, but the person was very nice and was relaxed, so it all went well,” he said on the Itele news channel.

I have seen comments on Breitbart ranging from rational to downright ridiculous and stereotypical. Here’s a sampling:

That is just bizarre. Is he afraid of poison or just that picky? Either way, how elitist…

How absurd. Now not only do we pay tens of thousands of dollars for dates, we also transport and pay a salary to a taster? Maybe they should drop the taster and donate the money to the auto workers.

hahaha…..He is so egotistical. Like the US couldn’t survive without him?

You go Obama! You are the new poster child for Democrat elites. Bow to the Obama King. Remember his mantra…………”Do as I say, not as I do”………….And Michelle, our new queen “Let them eat cake”……Obama is going to embarrass himself with his big ego head soon enough……………….Thanks to all the idiot Democrats and Independants who voted for him.

The French do not know how to properly prepare Fried Chicken, chitterlins, blackeyed peas, sweetpotato pie, fatback, cornbread, or watermelon. Obambi had to take along his Chicago pizza chef, and his wife’s hairdresser and wardrobe counselor, and the teleprompter technician in order to function.

The taster was just there to make sure that the soul food was disguised to look like elitist continental fare with a cover of arugula hiding the cheeseburger with grey poupon.

Food taster? I didn’t know Obama had added to Joe Biden’s responsibilities! Source: Breitbart

I must admit, I had to wonder out loud if this is the norm for when a president of the United States travels. I can’t imagine that happens because we have seen President Obama, for example, go to a local burger joint in Washington D.C. and ordered some fast food. We have also seen the family around town and in New York City dining in public restaurants. I can’t imagine if he had a food tester there that it would not have made the mainstream media by now. This is much ado about nothing. There must be a good reason for this.

Arnold T. Ross, 17, Arrested and Charged with Rape and Murder of 8-Month Baby Da-Von Lonzo

HORROR: Arnold T. Ross, 17, was arrested on charges of aggravated rape and first-degree murder of an eight-month old baby, Da-Von Lonzo, yesterday afternoon. The dirtbag was arrested after officers responded to a call of an unresponsive infant at the home. The baby was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. The baby reportedly suffered multiple fractures consistent with a beating and tears in the anus. How could anyone be so cruel as to do this to a baby? The latest news is that the baby’s mother is 34 years old. Now could someone tell me what in the world is a grown woman doing with a 17-year old and one with such an extensive criminal record at that? She needs to be looked at closely by law enforcement for endangering the welfare of her baby. Where are the parents of this monster?

Ross, who said he was the boyfriend of the infant’s mother, initially told detectives that the baby fell down the stairs while he was babysitting. But a neighbor reported hearing loud noises coming from the apartment, and investigators noted inconsistencies in Ross’s account. Ross later admitted that he beat the infant repeatedly when he would not stop crying, Col. John Fortunato said. When the child began to defecate on himself, Ross said he tried to clean it up, causing the tears, according to the release.

Ross has a record of previous arrests for possession of crack cocaine and marijuana, obscenity, battery on a correctional officer, three counts of battery on a teacher, three counts of theft, illegal carrying of a weapon and assault. Source:

This should not have happened to this baby and I hope this dirtbag will get the death penalty, if it’s available in Louisiana. If he had bisexual tendencies, then he should have been man enough to find a suitable partner and not a baby. The fact that he has an extensive criminal record at 17 years old speaks volumes and is tragic at the same time. This young man is a vile beast who does not deserve to be among decent people but in a prison cell in solitary confinement or with hardened criminals.