Actor Stephen Baldwin Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in New York Court

We are living in some tough economic times and we are all feeling the pinch, but I find actor Stephen Baldwin’s plight rather interesting. He has filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday in a New York court.

The 43-year-old actor filed for Chapter 11 protection claiming he owes more than $2.3 million and owns a New York property valued at only $1.1 million. His wife, Kennya Baldwin, also is named in the document.

He has had a tough time lately, as we all have had, but wasn’t he the same person who said if Barack Obama became our president he would move to Canada? Psst, he Stephen, O-Man is our president and why haven’t you left the country yet?

He abruptly quit “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here,” in late June, citing extreme bug bites. Earlier in June his home faced foreclosure. Isn’t this the same guy who is a born-again Christian with a ministry? What happened?

Paul Holdren, President Obama’s ‘Science Czar" Once Floated Idea of Forced Abortions, ‘Compulsory Sterilizations’

I never expected all President Barack Obama’s picks to be devoid of controversy, but Paul Holdren, the president’s “science czar” has raised some eyebrows with his previous positions, which included the idea of forced abortions, compulsory sterilization and the creation of a “Planetary Regime.” What the heck is this all about? He believed that the creation of these ridiculous schemes would oversee human population levels and control all natural resources as a means of protecting the planet. Shouldn’t this have been brought up during his Senate confirmation hearings? Oh no. Some of the GOP senators had their sights set on Judge Sonia Sotomayor, a bigger fish in their eyes. Since these issues eluded them, then why did Fox News bother digging up dirt on Mr. Holdren. Exactly what will this do now? Absolutely nothing.

Holdren, who has degrees from MIT and Stanford and headed a science policy program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government for the past 13 years, won the unanimous approval of the Senate as the president’s chief science adviser. He was confirmed on March 19 as director of the White House’s Office of Science and Technology, which advises the president on scientific affairs, with a heavy focus on energy independence and global warming.

The senators who grilled him were apparently oblivious to the contents of a textbook he co-authored in 1977, “Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment.” The 1,000-page course book was co-written with environmental activists Paul and Anne Ehrlich. According to Fox News, the book discusses and seems to advocate totalitarian measures to curb population growth, which it says could cause an environmental catastrophe. The portion that stuck in the craw of Fox News was the summation of the three authors’ guiding principles: “To provide a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people.”

As first reported by FrontPage Magazine, Holdren and his co-authors spend a portion of the book discussing possible government programs that could be used to lower birth rates. Those plans include forcing single women to abort their babies or put them up for adoption; implanting sterilizing capsules in people when they reach puberty; and spiking water reserves and staple foods with a chemical that would make people sterile. To help achieve those goals, they formulate a “world government scheme” they call the Planetary Regime, which would administer the world’s resources and human growth, and they discuss the development of an “armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force” to which nations would surrender part of their sovereignty. Source: Faux News

To his credit, Mr. Holdren’s office issued a statement denying that he has ever backed any of the measures discussed in his book, and suggested reading more recent works authored solely by Holdren for a view to his beliefs. I am in no way advocating that these positions are right, in fact, they are very troubling, but where was this information when Mr. Holdren confirmation hearings were being held? Isn’t this revelation a wee bit too late?

One of my regular visitors who goes by the name “Constructive Feedback” pointed out in his comments that I ignored the Obama Administration’s hand in this mess. I concede that the Obama team of researchers should have realized that Mr. Holdren was a co-author of this book, which is very disturbing, to say the least. So, both the Republicans and the Democrats are complicit in not doing their homework. I would venture to say the onus was on the Obama Administration to vet him more thoroughly. Mr. Holdren, given the gravity of the subjects raised in this book, should had to have explained his position and in actuality, he should not have been confirmed. I have seen some nominees removed from consideration due to radical views.

Dr. Regina Benjamin, President Obama’s Pick as the Next Surgeon General, Comes Under Fire for Being Overweight

I wondered how long it would take the haters to attack Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, President Obama’s pick for the next surgeon general, but I can’t believe that they would attack her on the basis of her looks, actually her weight. Let’s not forget that this woman was hailed as a MacArthur Grant genius, who had championed the poor at a medical clinic she set up in Katrina-ravaged Alabama. I guess full-figured women have to worry about our weight when we seek gainful employment. Critics and supporters across the blogosphere have commented on photos of Benjamin’s full-figure, saying she sends the wrong message as the public face of America’s health initiatives.

Spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services Jenny Backus issued this statement: “Dr. Benjamin is a highly qualified physician who has dedicated her life to providing care to her patients. She is a role model for all of us, and will be an outstanding surgeon general.”

Wait, if her weight is such a big issue, then didn’t President Obama admit that he smoked cigarettes in the past, which can be very harmful to your health. Or better yet, didn’t President George W. Bush admit to a drinking problem? Does her weight really undermine her credibility? I think it’s pretty obvious that Dr. Benjamin can fulfill her duties with the passion, knowledge and integrity the position calls for.

Fox News’ Neil Cavuto and guest Michael Karolchyk discuss Dr. Benjamin’s weight. Listen and hear the low level of intelligence being spewed by Karolchyk.

Dr. Benjamin is 50 pounds overweight. She is obese. She’s a size 20. […]
Ok, let’s then turn the tables. Would you then want the head of the Fed Reserve to be a guy in a cardboard box who lives underneath the highway because because he understands the plight of poor people and he understands how to make money work? […] Would you want Michael Jackson’s doctors to be in charge of drug control at the DEA? The bottom line is it’s a symbolic position and obesity is the number one issue facing our country in terms of the health and wellness and she has shown not that she was born this way, not that she woke up one day and was obese, she has show through being lazy, and making poor food choices, that she’s obese.

How ignorant and why was this fool given a platform to spew such garbage?

SHOCK: Ronald Mitchell, Aborigine from Australia, Bursts into Flames after Being Tasered by Cops as he Charged them with Gasoline and a Lighter

SHOCK: Ronald Mitchell, an Aborigine from Western Australia, suddenly burst into flames after he was tasered by police as he reportedly charged them with a can of gasoline and a lighter. Mitchell is a known offender and his sister reportedly said he had actually been sniffing the gasoline, according to BBC.

Police arrived at Mitchell’s home in response to a complaint and said that the immolation was spurred by the lighter/gasoline combination, as opposed to the taser. According to the BBC, Mitchell was charged with assault, but some are speaking out in his defense and against the use of taser guns:

Dennis Eggington, of the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia, called for an urgent review of Taser use. Aboriginal people, he said, were often in poor health, which made them particularly vulnerable to stun weapons.

A Taser works by firing two barbs which penetrate the skin and discharge 50,000 volts along two copper wires attached to the gun. Source: Huffington Post

There are way too many injuries and sometimes death, with the use of taser guns in this country, at least. I am not sure that taser guns are effective deterrents. They seem to cause more bodily harm than they are worth.

Glenn Beck Goes On Bizarre Rant Against President Obama’s Health Care Plan: "Be Afraid" (VIDEO)

Could someone please tell me why any media outlet would pay a mediocre television personality such as Glenn Beck millions of dollars to make a complete fool of himself? He contributed in a ridiculous way to the GOP effort to kill President Obama’s health care reform plan with a bizarre rant on his show today. He engaged in fear-mongering of the worse kind and direly warned Americans to “be afraid” because Obama is remaking the country “into a place that’s a whole lot crappier,” and that the United States is becoming a “hybrid between France and Venezuela.” Really Glenn?

This rant comes on the heels of Brian Kilmeade’s racist rant during a discussion with his Fox & Friends co-hosts about a Swedish and Finnish study which found that married people were less susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease than unmarried ones. Kilmeade downplayed the study’s significance in America, saying “we [Americans] keep marrying other species and other ethnicities . . . Swedes have pure genes . . . in America we marry everybody…” He apologized this morning for those hateful statements.

News Corporation is an organization made up of bottom feeders and fear mongers from top to bottom of that organization and yes, that includes their foreign holdings.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) Apologizes for Using the N-Word in Interview to Smear Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) should be run out of Washington D.C. and kicked out of office by her constituents. She apologized earlier today for using the word “nigger” in a recent interview while recounting a telephone call she received. She’s is challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for the 2010 Democratic Senate nomination in New York and used the racial slur in an interview with the web site City Hall while taking a cheap shot at Ms. Gillibrand’s record.

“I got a call from someone from Puerto Rico, said [Gillibrand] went to Puerto Rico and came out for English-only [education]. And he said, ‘It was like saying nigger to a Puerto Rican,'” Maloney said. “I don’t know-I don’t know if that’s true or not. I just called. I’m just throwing that out. All of her-well, what does she stand for?” Source: CNN

So, when Ms. Maloney realized that she was about to be raked over hot coals, she opted to issue an apology. Hey, my late maternal grandmother had some real gems and one is appropriate to this situation and it has its roots in the Bible — “as a man thinketh, so is he.” Ms. Maloney must have uttered this word before and that was a part of her vocabulary. This is nothing new. The real Carolyn Maloney manifested herself in this interview. Now she issued a lame apology that shouldn’t be accepted by her constituents.

“I apologize for having repeated a word I find disgusting,” Maloney said in a statement. “It’s no excuse but I was so caught up in relaying the story exactly as it was told to me that, in doing so, I repeated a word that should never be repeated.” Source: CNN

The controversy comes the same day Maloney is set to hold a big-ticket fundraiser that includes an appearance from former President Bill Clinton. Clinton has also attended a fundraiser for Gillibrand. The people of New York ought to send Ms. Maloney a message that there is no room in elected office for such divisive and derogatory language.

Lt. Marc DiNardo, Shot in the Line of Duty in Fierce Gun Fight, Not Expected to Survive Injuries

It is a real shame that a police officer, who was just doing his job, was shot and seriously injured at the hands of a low-life though. Jersey City Police Chief Thomas Comey said Lt. Marc DiNardo’s condition has deteriorated and his death is imminent.

DiNardo was one of five officers wounded as they tried to enter an apartment holding a shooting suspect and another person. The officers were reportedly met with gunfire and a shootout ensued. Both suspects were killed. DiNardo suffered two gunshot wounds to the face.

It is certainly not fair and not right that a family has lost a son, husband and father. He has three young children and his 38th birthday is this Wednesday.

Officer Michael Camacho’s condition was upgraded from critical to serious, and he has been moved out of the intensive care unit. Camacho was shot in the neck during the gun battle. The other three officers were treated at a hospital and released.