Joy Behar Slams Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly During Appearance on "Reliable Sources" (VIDEO)

Joy Behar of “The View” and soon-to-be host of her own show on HLN, literally took right wing nutjob Glenn Beck to the backyard shed and gave him a tongue lashing. This all occurred during her appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” this morning. She also slammed Bill O’Reilly, but much of her venom was directed to the network clown, Glenn Beck. Behar said she thinks his past struggles with alcohol and drug addiction could be one of the reasons why he cultivates such outrageous personality:

But I think that he is frequently ridiculous and doesn’t make any sense as far as I’m concerned. But he calls himself a rodeo clown, he’s a clown, he’s on the cover of Time magazine. I mean the media just plays right into his hands… He’s addicted to all of that publicity I think. It took the place of drinking.

Dang, I guess she just read Beck like a tawdry Mills & Boon novel. I can tolerate Bill O’Reilly because he is a far more reasonable person than Glenn Beck. I honestly would not ever label Bill O’Reilly as an extremist, much less a racist. Beck, on the other hand, he’s a hopeless nutcase.

Eric Brewer, East Cleveland Mayor, Caught in Cross-Dressing Drama, After Sexually Suggestive Photos Surface

Is East Cleveland, OH, Mayor Eric Brewer on the down-low? He held a press conference and blamed the East Cleveland Police Department for photographs of what is said to be Brewer in drag and in various sexually suggestive poses. Brewer said he had not seen the photographs until they were published by WKYC and he was “upset” that the reporter who broke the story failed to speak with him directly about the incident. He accused the police department of playing “gutter politics” because of its endorsement of another candidate.  He also accused his opponent Gary Norton, Council President. The sad reality is that this mayor has made so many enemies throughout the years utilizing questionable tactics, the list of suspects could likely be in the thousands — and probably includes the jilted girlfriend or boyfriend who took the photos. There is a saying that “karma is a bi**h.” What goes around, comes around.

The East Cleveland Police Union responded by saying:

I would like to take this time to address the statements made my East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer. Mayor Brewer decided to turn his so called “gutter politics” away from his own alleged disturbing photos to police corruption, making the police somehow responsible for his careless handling of his personal/private photo collection. We are not affirming who the pictures are but since the Mayor is clearly affirming that we are not doing our jobs and/or doing them improperly, I would like to point out the following:

The Police Corruption that is not being handled, and that “HE” got rid of the former Chief, Detective, and several other officers was based on the work done by the Police Internal Affairs Department. With out their full support to investigate and report the corruption, what could “HE” do?

The fact that named Sergeant, Randy Hicks who supervises the Street Crimes Unit which he has ordered to be reassigned made no mention of their impact these last two years. The fact that this unit had their lives threatened did not cause the unit to give up, but to move forward and to stay aggressive. The sense of pride knowing that they were impacting the community positively by the numerous arrest and convictions they were making. Not to mention the accolades received by residents in specific to this unit as well as the rest of the Men and Women for cleaning the streets.

The streets are cleaned by two groups, the Citizens and the Police. The alertness, awareness and willingness of the Citizens to report and state on crimes in combination with the Police response, investigations, and arrest are what allow the streets to be cleaned. Not one man staking a claim that “He” has done these things.

To the citizens; We have gone long and hard, day and night to police aggressively for a safer and more warming community. We will continue to police with professionalism and courtesy as well as investigate complaints against abuse through authority.

As we have seen and learned through past practices, the Mayor will put his name and picture on things as his”stamp of approval” to show that “HE” is responsible. Well what stamp of approval is this? To conclude and to serve as a matter of record, the Police Union nor its members had anything to do with the dissemination of any of the obscene photographs alleged of Mayor Brewer. The Police Union Members have however, been passing out flyers in support of FOP Lodge #39 endorsed candidate Gary Norton.

The last thing the people of his city needs is this hot drama landing in their laps. If the man likes to dress as a woman, then so be it, but don’t point a finger at someone else when the truth is revealed. This is hilarious. I could care less if he wants to prance around in women’s clothing and a garter belt, but please don’t be so judgmental of others Mayor. It is amazing what these politicians will do. There is always a scandal brewing on either side of the aisle — Democrats and Republicans.

I have seen the pictures, but decided to post the most tame of them. You can see the pictures here. This hot mess could not come at a worst time for him. His father, Harold Pride Brewer recently passed away. Mayor Brewer, let me echo the words of a Hall and Oates song — “private eyes are watching you, they see your every move. Private eyes are watching you. Private eyes. They’re watching you, watching you!”

To read Mayor Brewer’s statement, CLICK HERE. To see Zimbio’s Top 20 Political Sex Scandals, CLICK HERE.

Iran Test Fires Two Short-Range Missiles as Part of Seven Days of War Games

Iran said it has successfully test-fired short-range missiles during military drills by the elite Revolutionary Guard, just days after the U.S. warned Tehran over a newly disclosed underground nuclear facility was secretly building. Iran reportedly also tested a multiple missile launcher for the first time. Sorry, but this is an intimidation tactic by this country and should not be tolerated. The tests come two days after President Barack Obama, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and French premier Nicolas Sarkozy warned the country that it must open the nuclear site to international inspection or face harsher international sanctions, to which they agreed. Wow, I am sure they are scared. The problem is North Korean leader Kim Jong Il repeatedly defied the warnings of the Western powers and still launched missiles. We all know that Iran’s nuclear program isn’t meant for peaceful purposes, but to create hostilities.

By U.S. estimates, Iran is one to five years away from having a nuclear weapons capability, although U.S. intelligence also believes that Iranian leaders have not yet made the decision to build a weapon. Iran also is developing a long-range ballistic missile that could carry a nuclear warhead, but the administration said last week that it believes that effort has been slowed. That assessment paved the way for Obama’s decision to shelve the Bush administration’s plan for a missile shield in Europe, which was aimed at defending against Iranian ballistic missiles.

I am not advocating violence, but it seems that Iran wants another show of force by Israel in the same vein as 1981, when Israeli warplanes bombed Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reaction and in 2007, Israel bombed a site in Syria that the U.S. said was a nearly finished nuclear reactor built with North Korean help that was configured to produce plutonium, which is one of the substances used in nuclear warheads. Iran is a strategic threat to Israel and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has called for the destruction of Israel repeatedly. The last person you want to have a nuclear weapon is this nut, as well as Kim Jong Il.

Experts have estimated that Iran’s current number of centrifuges could enrich enough uranium for a bomb in a year. Washington has been pushing for heavier sanctions if Iran does not agree to end enrichment. The Obama administration needs to stick to its guns and not back down.

Filmmaker Roman Polanski, 76, Arrested by Swiss Authorities on 1973 Rape Charges

You can run but you can’t hide. According to organizers of the Zurich Film Festival, director Roman Polanski, 76, has been taken into custody by Swiss police on a 31-year-old U.S. arrest warrant. Polanski fled the U.S. in 1978, one year after pleading guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with Samantha Geimer, when she was 13 years old . I guess he got so used to running from the law that he didn’t bother checking if he could have been arrested on the charges in Switzerland, where he traveled to receive a lifetime achievement award and has visited many times. Samantha Geimer, who is married and the mother of three children, wants the charge against him to be dismissed in the interest of saving her from further trauma as the case is publicized anew.

Polanski, who has lived in France for the past three decades, directed classic films such as “Rosemary’s Baby,” “Chinatown” and most recently “The Pianist,” in 2002, for which he won a directing Oscar Award in absentia.  He sought dismissal of his case on the grounds that the judge, who has since passed away, had arranged a plea bargain and then reneged on it.