Sandra "Sandie" Coke, Sister of Jamaican Druglord Christopher "Dudus" Coke, Surrenders to Police in Kingston

Sandra Coke, sister of reputed Jamaican druglord Christopher “Dudus” Coke surrenders to police in Kingston.

Talk about a family affair…. Sandra “Sandie” Coke, the sister of wanted fugitive Christopher “Dudus” Coke, is reportedly in police custody. She was surrendered to Jamaican police by clergyman Al Miller, according to the Jamaica Observer. Amazing how quickly they find God once the cops are pursuing them! She was one of several people who the police asked to surrender. She is suspected to be affiliated with criminal gangs.

Miller was also responsible for the handing over of Coke’s brother Laighton ‘Levity’ Coke on Saturday. The pastor also admitted that he met with Coke hours before the security forces launched a major offensive against Coke’s former West Kingston stronghold.

Among those on the list is east Kingston businessman, Danhai Williams and former People’s National Party candidate Rohan Silvera who is branded by the cops as a mastermind in the cash for gold scheme in Spanish Town. Source: Jamaica Observer

It is amazing that one family could harbor so many criminals! I hope the police are getting closer and closer to Dudus so this madness can come to an end quickly.