Jamaican-Born British Retiree, Hortense McNeil, 82, Found Stabbed to Death in Hopewell, Hanover Home After Multiple Burglaries

What is going on in some parts of Jamaica that were normally quiet and relatively crime-free? Hortense McNeil, a former resident of England, who retired and went back to Jamaica, was viciously stabbed to death by a dirty POS in her home in the Pond Piece community of Hopewell, Hanover. This hits close to home because I grew up in the same community, once an upper class neighborhood. My parents knew this woman quite well. My heart ached when my father called to tell us about this heinous act of violence against a decent and law-abiding woman, whose only wish was to return to the land of her birth to live out the rest of her days. This is a travesty. My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

HOMICIDE detectives in Hanover are now probing the macabre murder of 82-year-old Hortense McNeil, a pensioner of Pondpiece district in Hopewell, Hanover. McNiel’s body was found at her home with multiple stab wounds yesterday evening.

The Sandy Bay Police are that about 5:30 pm they were called to the area by residents who had stumbled across the body when they had gone to her home in search of her.

The residents had noticed that she had been missing from the community for some time and had become alarmed when repeated calls to her cellular phone went unanswered. Source: Jamaica Observer

This isn’t the Jamaica I once knew. Lawlessness and gangs have taken over certain pockets of the country and people are literally prisoners in their own homes. There is a serious societal breakdown that says only the well-connected and educated can get the best jobs and reach the highest levels of professionalism. Once you are poor and uneducated, you are relegated to a life of penury, still that is no excuse to burglarize the homes of others and steal their property. Ms. McNeil’s home has been burglarized on more than one occasion and her home ransacked and her hard-earned money stolen. My mother recalls quite clearly one of these burglaries in which she came face-to-face with the thief. She even filed a complaint with the police in Sandy Bay and one person was sent to prison for the crime. I have to wonder if this person was released and came back out of revenge to kill her. Somewhere walking around Hopewell, Hanover, is a piece of sh*t who needs to be locked up for the rest of his life. Who picks on an elderly person? A POS. I pray the forensics team will be able to find tissue under her finger nails from the killer. Her body was reportedly found with a knife in her hand. Presumably the murder weapon.

This murder is sending a bad message to Jamaican-born retirees living abroad who want to return home. My parents worked hard for many years in America and then retired and went back to Jamaica. I often wonder if this was the best move on their part due to a number of factors, most prominent, the high crime rates on the island. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Hortense McNeil. This is a tragedy on so many levels. We cannot afford to allow such a beautiful island to be overtaken by scum in the society. The British government should reclaim the island because it is obvious both parties, the ruling Jamaica Labor Party and the Peoples National Party can’t govern the island, much less weed out the rampant crime.

Stay tuned. More to follow. We have calls in to the Sandy Bay Police Department and the Commissioner of Police for a statement in this unspeakable act of violence against an elderly woman. We would also welcome a statement from the Prime Minister of Jamaica or the Minister of Justice, since there seems to be a trend with violence against returning residents to the island.

UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from an article I found on the Jamaica Gleaner’s website about returning residents and the fact they are often the target of crimes:

President of the Returning Residents Association, Percival La Touche, said immediate attention needed to be paid to the life of returned resident as, in the last seven years, 209 have been murdered. He said that, with an average of 30 deaths per year, it is clear that criminals do not believe they will be punished when they kill persons who went abroad and worked hard before returning to the island.

Nathan Stiles, Kansas City High School Athlete, Dies After Suffering "Traumatic Injury" During Football Game

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Spring Hill High School, KS, football player, Nathan Stiles, who died early Friday morning after he became unconscious during a varsity football game Thursday night. According to the Kansas City Star, Stiles was taken by life flight to the University of Kansas Medical Center where he died about 4 a.m. Spring Hill was playing Osawatomie High.

According to reporting partner KSHB-TV, a spokesman with Miami County EMS says they got a call to Osawatomie’s Lynn Dickey Field about 8:23 p.m. Thursday on a “traumatic injury.” The district has not commented on the circumstances of Nathan’s injury.

Nathan was the homecoming king at Spring Hill, a Kansas Class 4A high school with about 580 students. Spring Hill beat Osawatomie 99-72. His father is Miami County Commissioner Ron Stiles, who is also the president of Spring Hill Oil. Source: Kansas City Star

Both of my kids play soccer in a soccer club and I am always bothered somewhat by the possibility of injuries, but I can’t keep them at home doing nothing. That wouldn’t be fair to them either. My oldest son wanted to play football and my husband and I declined because of the rising incidents of head injury to young players. I am not sure what caused the death of this young man, or even if more can be done to lessen any possible injuries, it is sad nonetheless that a promising life has been cut short. The mother in me says something can be done to stop the rising head injuries to young players.

Group Founded by Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani Erects Billboard in Houston Saying "GOP is the New Black"

Raging Elephants group, founded by Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani, who claimed Martin Luther King Jr., was a Republican, says “GOP is the new black.”

Is the Grand Ole Party, or the GOP, the new black? Er, I don’t think so, but I will say that the Democratic Party has taken the black vote for granted and many blacks are more conservative than they care to mention. Personally, there are many issues that the Republican Party embraces that I agree with, such as smaller government, more reliance on self, among other things, but the GOP that existed during President George W. Bush’s tenure, isn’t the one I would give the time of day and some members of the party are border-line racists and are fanning the flames of racial tensions, specifically some of the things said about President Barack Obama — he’s a bigger threat than Al Qaeda, come to mind.

Still, it seems a little strange for the Republican Party to embrace the black vote, since we have a black president in office, who remains quite popular with the black community. There’s a new billboard in Houston that seems to think the Republican Party is reaching out to black voters. In other words, the GOP is coming in vogue with black voters. Really? Isn’t this the same party whose de facto leader Rush Limbaugh has called the president all kinds of derogatory names?

Well, according to the Raging Elephants, a conservative group devoted to “growing the ranks of conservative voters through racial diversity.” The group’s Web site states that another such billboard is going up in Dayton, Ohio, according to Raw Story. The group was founded by Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani, a senior pastor at the Corinthian Christian Empowerment Center in Houston, Raw Story said.

This is the same group that stated the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican, quite opposite of his immediate family’s beliefs. Well, let’s see what John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell will do for the black community, if they take the majority in the House and Senate next Tuesday. 

Sean Giroir, Savannah College of Art & Design Student, Shot & Killed, Police Looking for 3 Suspects

Sean Giroir, a student at Savannah College of Art and Design, was shot Thursday afternoon and later died from his wounds that night. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Savannah-Chatham police say they are searching for three suspects in his death.

Metro police spokesman Julian Miller says Giroir was from Houston, Texas. Miller says 21-year-old Mike Levi also was wounded and was being treated at the same hospital. Miller says officers responded to reports of the shooting and found Giroir and Levi with gunshot wounds. Police Sgt. Robert Gavin says three men had taken items from a house, and a struggle had ensued outside the residence when shots were fired. Source

This is a sad situation. Here we have a young man trying to better himself by getting an education and a bunch of thugs, most likely with long rap sheets, decide to take what doesn’t belong to them and kill this man in the process. I must also talk about the untimely death of my mother’s neighbor in Jamaica. Ms. Hortense McNeil, retired and moved back to Jamaica from England. She had been robbed repeatedly and yesterday, her body was found in her home. When will we take a stand and say no to the rising crime rates both in the U.S. and Jamaica? When? How many more people will have to die before the cops take a zero-tolerance stance and people start telling law enforcement what they know instead of hiding behind the ridiculous no-snitch rule?

UPDATE: Thanks to a reader who pointed out that a large stash of drugs was found in the home. Still, I can’t say with any certainty that the drugs belonged to the decedent. According to the Savannah Morning News, agents from the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team and hazardous materials technicians were working late Thursday to remove a large stash of drugs found in the residence, Metro police spokesman Julian Miller said. The newspaper also stated that three white male suspects had taken items from a house and a struggle had ensued outside the residence when shots were fired. They later fled in a dark gray Honda CRV with tinted windows, the newspaper said. 

UPDATE#2:  According to WSAV-TV, John Andrew Adams, 20, of an Althea Parkway address; Daniel M. Izzo, 18, of the 100 block of Runner Road, and Alex Brian Cowart, 21, of Savannah, will be extradited to Savannah to face charges of murder and aggravated assault. The three men were arrested in Sandy Springs.

Bill Clinton Reportedly Encouraged Black Democratic Candidate Kendrick Meek to Drop out of Florida Senate Race

Bill Clinton could become mired in another slight against a black candidate. You will recall he upset many blacks during the 2008 presidential campaign when he called then-candidate Barack Obama’s meteoric rise a “fairy-tale.” Well, this time, the black candidate involved is Kendrick Meek, the Florida Democratic senatorial candidate running against independent Charlie Crist and Republican candidate Marco Rubio. Bill Clinton reportedly sought to persuade Rep. Kendrick Meek to drop out of the race during a trip to the Sunshine State last week, and get this — he nearly succeeded.

According to Politico, Kendrick Meek agreed twice to drop out and endorse Gov. Crist in an effort to stop Rubio from prevailing in the upcoming elections. I interviewed Kendrick Meek a few months ago and I must say I was not impressed with his responses to many of my questions, specifically how he would help the people of Florida stem the high unemployment and foreclosure rates. I was also less than impressed with his response to my question about being tied to President Obama’s largely unpopular agenda.

Let’s get back to the appearance of former President Bill Clinton’s meddling. I have to ask if President Barack Obama knew about this? It’s hard to believe that such an important senate race wouldn’t be on his radar. I am not surprised that Kendrick Meek has come off as waffling and spineless in this mess. It shows that he is throwing in the towel on his campaign and his bid to become a senator. Okay, so the odds are against him, but to even entertain the thought of stepping aside to give Crist a chance to beat Rubio is nothing short of a slap in the face of his constituents.

To read more from Politico, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE#1: Kendrick Meek has denied Bill Clinton asked him to drop out of the race and he blasted opponent Gov. Charlie Crist for “spreading false rumors.”

Listen to the Hinterland Gazette’s interview with Kendrick Meek:

Veteran San Diego Police Officer Christopher Wilson, Shot and Killed in Apartment Shootout

SHOCK: Officer Christopher Wilson, a veteran San Diego police officer, was shot and killed during a shootout inside an apartment in the Paradise Hills area of southeast San Diego. According to Fox News, officers were assisting the U.S. Marshal’s Service and probation officers in a check on an assault with a deadly weapon suspect and were inside the apartment when the suspect opened fire at 10:45 p.m. Wednesday, Lt. Andra Brown said.

“Officer Christopher Wilson, a 17 year veteran of the Department, was removed from the apartment and transported to Scripps Mercy Hospital where he later died as result of the wounds sustained during the exchange of gunfire,” said San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown. 

Wilson was shot at a Skyline-area apartment complex, setting off an hours-long standoff between law enforcement and several armed suspects.

San Diego 6 News reporter Lynn Stuart reports the standoff ended shortly before 7 a.m. after police fired flash bangs and tear gas into the apartment.   When they entered they found a man and woman dead in an apartment with several guns around them. Source: San Diego 6

I am sick and tired of hardened criminals wreaking havoc on the lives of innocent people. This officer was just doing his job. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family in their time of grief.

More to follow……

Veteran San Diego Police Officer Shot & Killed in Apartment Shoot-Out With Deadly Weapon Suspect

SHOCK: Officer Chris Wilson, a veteran San Diego police officer, was shot and killed during a shootout inside an apartment in the Paradise Hills area of southeast San Diego. According to Fox News, officers were assisting the U.S. Marshal’s Service and probation officers in a check on an assault with a deadly weapon suspect and were inside the apartment when the suspect opened fire at 10:45 p.m. Wednesday, Lt. Andra Brown said.

Three officers, including the fatally wounded officer, returned fire and backed out of the apartment in the Paradise Hills area of southeast San Diego. “There was a hail of bullets,” Brown said when asked to estimate the number of gunshots.

Officers carried the wounded officer out of the building and he died at a hospital. “There was heroic action by the officers,” the lieutenant said.

The type of weapon wasn’t immediately known. The name of the officer is being withheld. Brown would only say he was a veteran officer with more than 15 years on the force. Source

We will update this post as soon as the name of the officer and suspect are revealed. Stay tuned.

Midland, Ark., School District President, Clint McCance, Under Fire for Anti-Gay Comments on Facebook Page

Midland, Ark., school board president, Clint McCance, under fire for anti-gay comments on Facebook page, saying he “loves the fact that gay people give one another AIDS.

Arkansas Department of Education has egg on its face over anti-gay comments Midland School District President Clint McCance posted on his personal Facebook page saying he wanted gay people to commit suicide, according to the Advocate. He reportedly used derogatory terms, such as “queer” and “fag” repeatedly and even promised to disown his own children if they were gay, as well as stated he enjoys “the fact that [gay people] often give each other AIDS and die,” according to CNN. What an incredibly mean and ugly thing to say.

A strongly worded statement signed by Dean Stanley, superintendent of the Midland School District, disavowed the remarks. “The district strives to foster an environment that discourages all forms of bullying,” the statement read, “and an environment that encourages a safe and productive educational climate of all of our students. The district is very diligent in pursuing and addressing bullying of any variety on our campuses.” Source: CNN

I find it absolutely abhorrent that he cannot be removed from his position because of state law. According to the Advocate, Julie Thompson, a spokeswoman for the state’s Department of Education, said it may be impossible for him to be removed from office as a board member in the Midland school district.

“In Arkansas law, the only way to recall a school board member is over a felony [committed by him or her] or absentee issues,” said Julie Johnson Thompson, the director of communications for the Arkansas Department of Education in Little Rock. Source: The Advocate

There should be zero tolerance for anyone in public office, serving on a school board, or in any similar capacities serving the public, to get away with making such derogatory and insensitive statements. He was literally advocating violence against people who have a right to live as they choose.

Watch the video:

Grady Hospital CEO Michael Young Apologizes for Saying Residents of Fulton County, Ga., Should "Shine His Shoes" for Turning Troubled Hospital Around

The head of Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital, Michael Young, has issued an apology for derogatory comments he made at a meeting of local business leaders. According to WSB-TV, while he spoke at a breakfast meeting of the Buckhead Business Association, he bragged about how quickly he turned the hospital’s financial mess around. He then said that the people of Fulton County “should want to shine my shoes. In 2007, Fulton County gave Grady $76 million. This year Fulton County is going to give $50 million. So I have reduced your tax exposure by $26 million.”

Young sent an apology Wednesday afternoon: “My statement was terribly insensitive to Fulton County taxpayers and does not reflect my true feelings. Please accept my heartfelt apology for this mistake and please keep in mind that it came from an innocent place. I often get excited about the changes we’ve made at Grady and the impact the health system is having on the community, and sometimes my words get ahead of my brain.”

Young took over as CEO of Grady Hospital in 2008, with the hospital on the verge of financial ruin. In May 2010, the hospital announced it was operating at a profit. Source: WST-TV

Wow, telling people in the Deep South to “shine his shoes” somehow brings back memories of Jim Crow to me, considering the fact that Fulton County has a high concentration of blacks.Why utter words you know you’ll regret? He could have simply said, the residents of Fulton County got the benefit of his stellar record of turning businesses around.

Declan Sullivan, Notre Dame Junior, Dies After Tower Topples as He Filmed Football Practice

My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Declan Sullivan, a junior at Notre Dame University, who was killed Wednesday after the tower from which he was filming football practice fell over. According to the IndyStar, Sullivan, who is from Long Grove, Ill., was transported from the LaBar practice complex to a South Bend hospital where he later died.

Authorities were investigating the incident. The hydraulic scissor lift, which can be lowered or raised depending on needs, stretched across a nearby street. Winds in the area were gusting to 51 mph at the time, according to the National Weather Service, and the team practiced indoors Tuesday because of the blustery conditions. Source: IndyStar

There is an unwritten rule that parents aren’t supposed to bury their children. I know that doesn’t always work that way. As a parent, I am deeply saddened by Declan Sullivan’s death. I pray his family will find solace knowing he died doing what he loved.